Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Kids stockings

Hello my dear friends,

I have taken a bit of inspiration from my dear friend Nathalie who told me to post pictures of the children's Christmas calendars. As I am trying to take things much easier for a couple of weeks I thought I would post some pictures of them for you to see. Two of them are embroidered and I would love to get the others embroidered too but I can't seem to find anywhere to do this. In fact I ordered my two youngest sons dressing gowns with their names embroidered on them and only one has arrived and I have been refunded for the other one as they are unable to send this one.

This makes me feel quite sad as there is only a year between the youngest two and they are like twins so I really wanted them to have their names on the dressing gowns.

This is my eldest.

My second eldest.

My daughters.

As I said the youngest two are like twins so they chose the same calendar that doubles as a stocking.

They are still behaving like angels in the morning, two days running, ha ha if that's what chocolate does in the mornings I might have to think of an excuse to carry it on after Christmas. (I really am joking for those that don't know me)

Take care x



  1. So cute! I like how each child gets his/her own Advent calendar. That's odd that the company couldn't send you the gown with the 2nd child's name on it, but it's a good thing you got your money back.

    The only Christmas "decoration" I have put up so far is the snowmen night light in the kitchen. I need to remember to get all the stuff down from our storage space tomorrow. I guess I should put our tree up. I have no enthusiasm for it this year.

  2. Hoping you're not feeling under the weather again. I'll keep checking back and watching for your next post.
    Take care.

  3. Hoping you're feeling good and just really busy. Merry Christmas!