Thursday, 20 October 2016

Nearly... Half Term! Yay!

Hello dear friends,

Its Thursday and my beautiful children have broken up from school today. Sadly, I have one day left. I dislike working on days when the children are off, mainly because I'm a bit of a control freak and like to look after my children myself and don't really feel comfortable with anyone else looking after them.

The children have advised me that I need to go off to work tomorrow and get my course on autism (which I admit will be interesting) done and they will clean the house while I'm gone and when I come home we can play board games together. Bless them, I have the best children ever!

Today, I have spent £10.00 on food mainly on stuff for tomorrows lunch, this is another control freak moment, as I'm not here to make the lunch I want to make sure that anything they may want for lunch is in the cupboards otherwise I know I will panic.

I'm starting to feel very excited about our week off together, maybe more so than normal. We have a few plans we are going to have a baking day where the children are going to make various goodies.

We are also going go to the cinemas one morning to see Finding Dory at the cheap holiday club showing. Yay Exciting.

On the Friday my daughter and I are going to one of her best friends evening wedding receptions, the boys don't really want to come but I know we will have fun together.

Well have a lovely Friday,

Take care xx

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Forgetfulness causes spending fail

Hello, I hope you are having a nice day.

I have to admit to having a bit of a ditzy day today. I forget to get the soup out of the freezer for dinner and then heading off to school checked that all the children had their lunch only to find when I got to the school fridge that I had forgotten mine! Doh!

As I had no change with me I couldn't book a school dinner which would have been cheaper than going to the shop, so sadly I went to the shop and spent £4.00 at lunch time. I then went to the shop again after work to buy some food for dinner argh disaster, I spent £20.00 but I did buy other items to go with dinner for the rest of the week and more packed lunch items.

On a positive note, we did get my daughters drama club for free this week amounting to a saving of £3.50, and then at Guides the lovely lady that runs it gave us a guides fleece jacket that was given to them from a little girl who recently gave up.

So pluses and minuses to our day.

Take care xx

Monday, 17 October 2016

How much did I spend and what are we going to eat?


Autumn is here. I have mixed feelings about this season, I love the beautiful colours and carpet of leaves that lie for us to kick as we walk along the road however, I dislike the rain and being cold and wet all day after getting either soaked on our way to school or on our way home. But for today a pretty rain free day I am happy that it is Autumn!

We are quite low on food in our cupboards and freezer at the moment so after school today I had to pop to the shop to get some lunch items for the next few days.

I spent £16.00 in ASDA and £4.05 on chips at the chip shop to go with the rest yesterdays chilli for tonights tea.

Total spent £20.05

Tuesday - soup and bread (clubs night)

Wednesday - shepherds pie and sweetcorn

Thursday - Chicken salad sandwiches (clubs night)

Friday - Omelettes

I am not adding a weekend eating plan to this menu as it invariably gets changed because someone doesn't fancy what we have.

Have a nice evening

Take care xx

Sunday, 16 October 2016

An update of the last couple of weeks


It has been a busy couple of weeks in our neck of the woods, nothing exciting happening for me I'm afraid other than the usual mountain of cleaning and ironing but much busyness for the children.

The last time I posted my darling daughter was heading off on a week long residential trip, well thankfully the week is over and she is back. She had an amazing time and achieved things she never dreamed that, not being an outdoorsy sort of girl, she would.

She pulled herself through dirty tunnels, played volleyball whilst on trampolines, went on zipwires and her favourite thing was a giant swing that was really high, where her best friend and her sang 'I believe I can fly' at the tops of their voices. But my favourite story that she told me was about the raft that they made and then put on the river, she said "One of the boys in our group mum seemed really left out and I felt really sorry for him so I decided to push him into the river so that he felt part of the group". I'm not sure how the poor young man felt about this but it certainly made me laugh.

It was great to have her home and I knew I was going to miss her but I didn't realise quite how much!

Last week, was another busy week with my daughter and nine year old son being invited to the local senior school for a day of music, and the following day my daughter was invited to the high school for a maths and science day. They enjoyed their days and felt they got a lot out of it but came home very tired.

On Friday my fourteen year old went off to camp for the weekend and my youngest three went to the Halloween disco at school. This was quite a big deal, as my daughter announced it was her final Halloween disco at school and she wanted to go out with a bang! The decision was made that she was not planning on going as a witch or anything like that she would go as her favourite super villain Harley Quinn! So then the boys jumped on the band wagon and my youngest son decided he would go as the Joker and my nine year old randomly decided to go as a character from Yu-gi-oh!

Needless to say they had me painting trainers, spray painting tutu's, making medallions, chokers and drawing tattoos on their arms, legs, face and stomachs!

Here are the results, what do you think?

Thankfully I think this week might be slightly quieter although I know I have a super busy week ahead of me at work.

I am starting to log our spending again, so today I spent £10.80 on groceries at ASDA.

This was a bit of a desperate shop as we had completely run out of loo roll and butter.

I also popped into the local charity shop and treated myself to a brand new pair of black jeans with the labels still on for £1.49, I have noticed that people wear black jeans to work quite often, I normally wear black trousers but this means ironing five pairs a week just for me but if I wear jeans I can get away with wearing them for a couple of days therefore reducing some ironing.

Today for dinner we had chilli and rice.

There were plenty of leftovers to go into the freezer for another day.
I hope you have had a lovely weekend, it has certainly flown by in this house.
Take care xx

Monday, 26 September 2016

Baby girl has gone on her residential trip!

Hello strangers,

It has been a busy week around here preparing my beautiful baby girl for her week away on an activity holiday with her year group.

We were given a rather large list of things that they needed to take with them and as my daughter only wears dresses and the list contained a mountain of long sleeved tops, trousers and trainers we had a lot of shopping to do.

We did treat ourselves to a cheeky Doughnut and drink which was rather nice (yes I know it was naughty).

We bought everything that was needed including two pairs of trainers  at the bargain price of £5.00 each, we got four long sleeved tops ranging from £1.50 to £2.80 each, four pairs of trousers for about £2.50 each. We then went into poundland and bought her a large amount of smellies.

Finally we returned home with everything on her list and proceeded to spend the rest of the evening packing her case.

Hopefully, she will be fully prepared and have a wonderful week, attempting everything that is thrown at her and return on Friday as delighted to see us as we will be her.


There's my baby on the back seat near the window, grinning and waving.
Take care xx

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Weekly Menu Plan

Hello, Happy Sunday.

I just wanted to start this post by saying a big thank you to Nathalie, Susan and Bless for all their lunch food tips. I really appreciate all your help and can tell you that I went shopping today and bought eggs for egg salads, chicken for chicken salads, I also bought fruit, yoghurt and cereal bars so hopefully the five pounds I put on this week will soon come off. (Fingers crossed!)

Monday - Chilli and Rice (slow cooker)
Tuesday - Chicken Kebabs with Roasted Vegetable Couscous
Wednesday - Soup and Fresh Bread
Thursday - Chicken Bhuna and Rice
Friday - Shepherds Pie and Veg
Saturday - Spaghetti Carbonara
Sunday - Whatever my daughter would like meal (She is off on her residential trip the day after)
As some of you will know I have started to do my shopping once a week at Tesco instead of nightly at ASDA firstly,  because I am trying to bring my shopping bill down and secondly, because I am trying to make my life easier. Well today we were thrilled to have the added bonus of seeing my brother and sister in law just as we were walking into Tesco so we stopped and had a lovely chat with them in hindsight we should have had a coffee with them as there is a coffee shop inside but they had just come back from visiting mum and dad so I'm sure they had their fill of coffee.
The children have had a very organised day today they have all done their reading, spellings maths and English homework. Had their showers, packed their lunches and bags for tomorrow. I am really proud of how organised they are becoming and how quickly they are getting used to doing their jobs.
Mummy just needs to iron the school uniform and clean their shoes now. Blah! So I guess I had better go and get on with it.
Have a great day and take care xx

Friday, 16 September 2016

Yippee, it's Friday!

Good Evening, finally it's Friday. It's been a long time coming this week.

I have not had the best week this week. Several evenings this week I have suffered from severe headaches and had to go to bed early. I think this has been caused by a combination of working with younger children in the afternoons who have more free time and are therefore louder, being outside in the sun more because of the extra free time and also since being back at work I have not been eating as well.

I haven't weighed myself for the last two weeks but I will do tomorrow and I'm pretty certain the results will not be pretty.

This week when I go shopping I'm going to try and organise quick easy breakfasts, lunches that doesn't include sandwiches and crisps and healthier dinners. I also find when I get home from work I am starving and pick like crazy so I'm going to have some fruit and yoghurt ready as that's a lot healthier than cake and crisps. I'm going to see if I start to feel better again  as I felt really healthy and well through out  the summer holiday.

Wednesday night this week I had to go to a meeting about my daughters upcoming residential trip the week after next and high school applications. I cannot believe that I am doing this for my daughter it feels like no time at all since she was starting school. She is starting to look forward to her residential trip slightly even though it means she will have to wear trousers and do dirty things like raft building (not her bag at all). She has promised me she will give everything a really good go.

We need to go shopping at the weekend and get her trousers and trainers, we have decided to buy them as cheap as possible because she won't wear them again once she gets home.

I am looking forward to having a fairly relaxed weekend. I hope you do too xxx