Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bank holiday fun and more!

Hello Friends, I hope you had a lovely bank holiday.

Although the weather was overcast and cold we decided to take the children to our local national park, they always enjoy our visits and love to look at the birds and insects.
We normally take a picnic with us but decided to eat at home first rather than sit in the cold.

The national park has a wind in the willows theme and we have great fun finding all the different characters.

My thirteen year old probably won't want to come out with us all the time soon, so I intend to make the most of having him with us whilst it lasts. Lol!

I got home and had a chat with Liam. There seems to be a theme to what my darling eldest is nourishing himself with whilst he is away and that is:-

Yep, you've guessed it, Bacon sandwiches. Every time I speak to him I ask "What are you going to have for dinner tonight? His reply " I think it'll have a bacon sandwich".
I really hope he has something a little different today.

Our tea was made up of leftovers, so no cooking for me. What a treat!

That's yesterdays round up done and dusted.

Take care xx

Monday, 30 May 2016

Sundays Update

Hello, I thought I would pop in early this morning with an update of what we did yesterday.

We had Bens brother and mum come over for a barbecue, the first one of the year, when we woke up the sky was grey and threatened rain but as the day went on thankfully the clouds disappeared leaving a warm sunny afternoon.

The barbecue required quite a lot of cleaning as it had been left outside all winter, ah how hard would it have been to put it in the garage or put the cover over it!

We had a mixture of hot dogs, burgers, chicken and vegetable kebabs in warm pitta breads, new potatoes salad, salad and we also cooked a spatchcock chicken, it was delicious and we have a mountain of food left over (we didn't touch the chicken) so absolutely no cooking required at all  today. Yippee!

I spoke to Liam a few times yesterday, last night he went to the Yankee Stadium to watch a football (soccer) match. Which he seemed to really enjoy! He messaged me to let me know when he got back so I wouldn't worry (he is so thoughtful) and to tell me he was going to have frozen pizza for tea because he wasn't prepared to pay $27 on chicken strips and chips at the stadium. He also messaged me at 6.00am this morning to tell me they were having a terrible storm, so I guess he couldn't sleep.

After Bens family left yesterday and I had cleaned up, I sat talking to my youngest two boys, I looked at the eight year old and his eyes seemed strange, its difficult to explain but they seemed to be moving inadvertently, I said to him I thought he was over tired and he needed to have a lie in the following morning, his reply was if I do can I have scrambled egg, bacon and toast in bed. Yeah right!.
About ten minutes later he said to me that he had a terrible headache that was making him feel sick, we had run out of children's medicine so I ran to the shop to get him some calpol, neurofen and lemonade to settle his stomach, but I obviously didn't catch it in time as he was sick several times and his headache got worse, I spent the rest of the evening laying upstairs cuddling him until he finally went to sleep.

He seems ok this morning although he has said that he has a dull headache so today I have caught it early and given him some medicine before it amounts to anything.

We was planning today to take the children to a country park but the weather is not looking too good. Hopefully it will brighten up as the day goes on like yesterday.

Well I am off to make the children's breakfast.

As most people seem to have a bank holiday today, have a lovely day off whatever you are doing and take care xx

Friday, 27 May 2016

Its been a long day!

Hello lovely people. Its been a very busy week but finally half term is here. We walked home from school today singing at the top of our voices and then stopped at the park because if the house wasn't cleaned tonight it didn't matter, we have all next week.  The final term of the school year is seven weeks and is action packed with fun activities like swimming, sports day and final performances from the soon to be leavers, it'll soon be here.

Next year my beautiful baby girl will be going into year six, the final year at primary school.  This seems impossible to believe.  It seems like no time at all since I realised that I had the little girl I really wanted and I spent the first night staring at her (whilst being told by the nurses to put her down for a sleep). I couldn't bring myself to put her down and I spent the whole night cuddling her.

I don't like the thought of her growing up but I am so proud of the young lady that she is turning into and I wouldn't change anything about her at all. She works hard, has good values and is always kind and thoughtful.

I stayed at school all day today, partly because I am still being careful with my leg and secondly I had a lot to do. So I only walked to and from school once today walking roughly four to five miles.

Whilst at work, I was talking to a lovely lady who after I commented on how she always seems to look so well dressed these days, explained that she has lost three and a half stone in the last nine months. She has done this fully on her own and by cutting down. I asked her what she ate now and she explained for breakfast she has an oat so simple porridge, for lunch she has a sandwich like ham and pickle a bag of French fries and a banana and then for tea something like a jacket potato with Tuna and salad. She told me how amazing she feels now and she truly looks amazing too. I intend to use her as inspiration to try to lose weight.

Well I am waiting to her from my darling Liam, he travelled to Connecticut for the first time today, I had a brief phone call from him whilst we were in the park telling me he had arrived safely and not to worry (Yes, I know he is a thoughtful boy). But now I am waiting to hear how it actually went. My friends went out for a drink together tonight but I couldn't bring myself to go in case I missed Liam's Skype.

I am going to sign off now, have a lovely evening
Take care xx

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

argh kids arguments!

Hello friends! I hope you have had a fun Wednesday, mine has felt like a mountain of highs and lows.

I woke up really early this morning as I couldn't sleep so I got up and ironed clean school clothes, got the lunches ready. Spent a while doing my daughters hair she had her class assembly today.

We walked to school at our usual time (my leg is starting to feel a bit better). I had a very busy day at work, the last two weeks of each half term is always really busy and now we are down to two days left so its super busy.

At lunchtime today I heard that my daughter had a row with her two best friends and that she was completely at fault, it sounded as if it had got out of hand and she was going to get in trouble for it. Her best friends are lovely and always there for her no matter what. She was mortified this evening and sorted through her pocket money so that she could get her friends a sorry present. We dropped them over to them and her friends were so lovely because they hugged her and told her that they had spread forgiven her. It was quite an emotional evening as they all cried and I love her friends, they truly are the sweetest girls.

I also watched my daughters class assembly this afternoon and she was amazing, she had one of the main parts. My daughter is well known for being very quiet and shy but her teacher brings out the best in her. A lot of people stopped me afterwards and said how surprised they were that she could project her voice so much.
I then spoke to Liam for quite a while, he is still not overstruck on New York, he is enjoying his time there but is not sure he would want to live there.
Well after an emotionally draining day today I am off to bed.
Take care xx

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday treat!

Hello dear friends, how are you feeling today?

Earlier today I was feeling a little bit down. I spent all day at work again, because of my leg, in fairness it did me a favour as I had a lot of marking to complete.

After school my daughter had choir so I finished some photocopying that I needed to do. We then walked home. We got in at about Five o clock and the house was a big mess! So I spent the next hour frantically hovering, washing up, cleaning the kitchen and putting the ironing away. At this point I was beginning to feel a touch irritated. I sometimes feel like I do everything and everyone else just sits and watches. Do you ever feel like that?

I think my change in mood started to permeate around the house as my thirteen year old asked if I would like any help. My mood began to lighten a touch as he put everyone pants and socks away for me, he then gave me a kiss and told me he loves me. (Bless him, he will go far).

My thoughtful boy (it doesn't happen often so I will enjoy every minute of it)

I then dropped my daughter to brownies, she has been a bit tearful today, I think she may be becoming a little bit hormonal. Poor little girl.

When we got back from brownies I received a message from Liam saying we could Skype and we spent a lovely hour chatting. He showed me around his room and his view - the building opposite - only in New York ha ha.

Today he visited Columbus University, Macy's (he didn't buy anything, phew!) and then just chilled out in his hotel room as it was pouring with rain.

Now my mood is much happier.

I have found a bag online from an American store that I would really like to order for my daughter's birthday and have delivered to Liam's apartment when he arrives there. I have asked him and he is quite happy for me to do this but the bag works out more than I would normally spend but I think it would last her longer.

What do you think? It is $31 or $39 if you want it personalised. It has a matching lunch box and drinks bottle but if I bought her all three she wouldn't get anything else and I know there is a dress she would like. What is your opinion I think I might be getting carried away because I like my children to have different things to their school friends.
Well that's it from me for tonight as I have to go and pack up tomorrows lunches.
Have a nice evening and take care xx

Monday, 23 May 2016

Bye Bye darling, see you soon!

Hello, yes you can guess what I am going to say. My baby has gone, in fact he is currently 2 hours and 40 minutes away from landing and the plane is running 19 minutes early. Not that I am an obsessive mother that has been checking every half hour or anything crazy like that. Ha ha!
He complained apparently at the lack of WiFi on the plane, come on Virgin sort it out. You have precious cargo on board.

I worked all day today again because although my leg has been fine all weekend as soon as I got about half way to school it was agony, it is clearly an injury that needs rest, ha yeah right there's not much chance of that. But on the plus side the lovely teacher that I work with bought me some beautiful flowers because we have been working so hard. (I really would love to work with her again next year)

No, the Magners is not mine!

My daughter has end of term exams for the rest of the week and spent most of the evening revising fractions, decimals bus stop method division etc and then complained when I sent her to bed at 9pm, an hour later than normal, and I thought I was being nice!

We have half term next week and I normally spend most of the holiday getting the house in order and organising us for the forthcoming term. We only have one half term left of school when we go back and I would really like to do some inexpensive but fun things during this week off. If anyone has any ideas please drop me a line. We have no car unfortunately so it has to be local things.

These are my ideas so far:-

  • Bike rides
  • Basketball in the park
  • Picnic in the park
  • Children making lunch for nana (finger sandwiches and homemade cakes)
  • Board game afternoon
  • Kids movie afternoon
  • £2.00 kids movie at cinema (if Odeon are partaking)
That's my list so far.

Well I am off for  a bath now in case I hear from Liam tonight.

Take care xx

Sunday, 22 May 2016

Fun at the park

Hello, I hope you have had a nice weekend.

Yesterday I told my eight year old that we might go to the local nature park however it was quite overcast today and I had a bad feeling that it was going to pour with rain so we compromised and while it was dry we went to one of our local parks. We chose on that we haven't been to for a while and that has a museum to take cover in if it did rain (it didn't and the museum was closed so it was a good job).

just as we arrived

Beautiful girl
seven year old

eight year old

We had lots of fun and was glad that we had decided to go.

My thirteen year old went running again today. I still wish I had the want to go with him. Perhaps I should see if Liam notices any difference in three weeks as my motivation to join him.

I gave my daughter her first ever hair mask today as her hair was feeling dry and I can notice changes in her. She enjoyed it. She loves to be pampered. I hope she gets a good job in the future.

Liam is now packed, booked in online for his flight, he has set up Skype so we can chat. I am at work when he goes to the airport tomorrow and he said he was quite glad. I know that tomorrow I am going to struggle and I really don't want to cry at work, so I know I really need to try and hold it together. As he has got older we have become such good friends, and I want him to have an amazing time but I will really miss him.
He received an email from his first hotel asking if he wanted to :-
A - upgrade his room for $75.00 ergh no!
B - Book snacks and an evening movie for $35.00 ergh again no!
C - Book a limo from the airport for $105.00 ergh yet again no!

I'm so proud of him and yet if I had the money I would have loved to book all three for him. (if only...)

Have a lovely evening and take care xx

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Thank goodness for Airbnb

Hello dear friends, yet again I am sorry for being absent. The above words ring super true today.

A couple of days ago we were notified, after Liam's trip being booked for a few months, that one of the hotels that we had booked through a UK travel agents Liam would not be able to stay in because he is under 21, he was booked to stay there for his ten days in Connecticut unfortunately state law in Connecticut does not allow under 21's to stay in hotels alone.

We have spent the last three days desperately trying to find somewhere for him to stay finally today, two days before he flies to New York we managed to book an apartment for him to stay in. It is not in Connecticut but in New York and this means a little bit more travel for him backwards and forwards to the universities but there was a point that I thought the whole trip was going to be cancelled.

I am suffering from the biggest quandary, I am so glad we have somewhere for him to stay and that he is doing the trip that he has been planning and looking forward to for ages and yet from a selfish point of view I almost don't want him to go.

Hopefully nothing else will happen and my blogging will not be interrupted anymore as I have had several people ask me why I have stopped blogging. I haven't but sometimes things need to be done that get in the way.

We had a final meal together today, breakfast for dinner as I thought that was quite fitting. We are currently watching the FA cup final which is something we never do but today is all about Liam so football it is. (Go on Crystal Palace, I cannot bring myself to cheer on Man U)

My thirteen year old is on a real health kick at the minute, he has so far today done 100 sit ups, some weight and now gone for a run. I'm really hoping that his enthusiasm might wear off on me. Ha ha, yes I know I'm funny!
Or, you never know he might decide to start cooking really healthy foods for us, now wouldn't that be good.   He has been asked at school to join the athletics club after being chosen to do the high jump for sports day. He is very tall for his age so he has a very obvious advantage.

My eight year old is in the garden with his binoculars looking at the birds in the trees and then drawing them. I have promised him that if the weather is nice tomorrow I will take him to the local nature centre.

That's about all the news I have for today.

Have a wonderful Saturday, I am off to spend a lovely evening with my biggest boy.

Take care xxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tiramisu Tuesday - mmm tasted good

Good Evening my dear friends. I hope you have had a lovely day. Today has been one of those non stop busy days. I overslept this morning, only by fifteen minutes, but that in our house is pretty horrific.
I then had a full day at work, my daughter had choir after school. We rushed home after choir and then shot off to brownies. I popped home briefly and then went to pick my daughter up, luckily tonight I had organised a microwave chicken curry and rice meal for everyone. The boys decided they wanted naan bread with their curries so we stopped on the way back from brownies to get the naan bread... oh yes and the tiramisu. (which I am very sad to say I have been forced to share)

Housework chores completed

Ok I'm going to admit it... that will be a big fat zero! Oops!

 Exercise achieved

Today I only walked to school and back from school, so only about five miles walking done. But tomorrow should be a lot more as I have to walk to my school and then to two different schools during the day and back to my school before coming home. Busy!

Money spent today

Whilst at ASDA today the payment machine said £25.00 which seemed and awful lot for what I had actually bought. When I checked the receipt I realised I had been over charged by £8.00 so I went to customer service and got a refund. I spent £17.00 this was on additions to tonight's tea and tomorrows tea but then I realised my eight year old has a friend over tomorrow night so I may have to rethink that dinner.

Well that's about all I have to update you with today. Have a lovely evening and take care xx

Monday, 16 May 2016

Menu Plan Monday


Monday - Sausage and homemade potato wedges

Tuesday - Chicken curry and rice

Wednesday - Pork steaks with new potatoes and corn on the cob

Thursday - Chilli and rice

Friday - Pizza and garlic bread

Saturday - Steak and chips

Sunday - Chicken salad sandwiches and crisps

Cleaning update

Today, I tried something new. I wrote a list on my under the stairs cupboard door for each child.

This is what it looked like:-

There is not Tele or electrical items until the below jobs are completed.


  • Hoover downstairs
  • Get all items you are planning to pack ready
  • Make bed and tidy area around bed
Thirteen year old

  • Put away stuff in cadets bag
  • Hoover upstairs
  • Organise bags, clothes etc. for tomorrow
  • Put dirty clothes in wash basket
  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Do homework

  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Get clothes, bag etc ready for tomorrow
  • Do homework
  • Lay table for dinner
Eight year old

  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Get clothes, bag etc ready for tomorrow
  • Do homework
  • Clean table after dinner
Seven year old

  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Get clothes, bag etc for tomorrow
  • Put dirty washing in the basket
  • Do homework
I also had a list for myself which included washing the floors, cooking dinner, packing lunches for tomorrow, iron clothes ready for tomorrow, put washing on.

This did work quite well an apart from my thirteen year old no one moaned but even he got over it quite quickly.  I let my daughter off laying the table because she had a lot of homework and she had both year five and year six homework for maths which was quite challenging. I have always felt that school work should take priority over other things so mummy laid the table.

Today I walked to and from school twice - As most of you know this is quite a journey so I have walked about six miles today.

Money spent

This evening Liam, my eight year old and I went to ASDA, I knew I was running out of cereal, lunch meat, washing powder and drinks.

I spent £25.00 but I did get quite a lot of drinks, two boxes of cereals, two birthday cakes for 45p each which I cut up and put in the freezer for lunches, lunch meats, ready made chicken curries for tomorrows dinner (my daughter has choir and then a tea party at brownies and I am at work all day so we need a quick meal).

Well that's it from me, I am off to have a bath. Have a lovely evening. Take care xx

Sunday, 15 May 2016

Hello dear Friends, were back online

Hello my dear friends. I am sorry that I haven't been about recently. Unfortunately my poor computer had a complete breakdown and where normally I would pop it over to my brother to work his computer genius magic, he was relaxing in the Maldives. (poor him!) So off it went to the repairers and I got it back yesterday afternoon. Yay! I have missed it.

I would have borrowed Liam's computer to blog but as he was in his last couple of weeks of his first year at university he had several essays to complete and send in. I'm happy to say he has now finished these and they have been sent in and he is relaxing before he leaves for America next Monday. Well done my lovely boy, I am very proud of you!

The one plus of not having a computer meant that I finished two books. One I would highly recommend and that is Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay. This is the first book in a trilogy. It is full of twists and if you have read any other books by Barclay you will already know several of the characters. Its one of those books that is difficult to put down and I can't wait to get the second book in the series.

The last couple of weeks I have been giving my daughter and my eight year old son more school dinners than I have previously and I have noticed this has made a difference to my shopping bill. Let me explain, my eight year old is very fussy and I was buying foods just for him, which were quite expensive. But he was eating these items at other times therefore I was popping out quite often to replace them. Expensive! So now with just my thirteen year old and my seven year old having packed lunch I buy things like cake in the sale, cut it up and freeze it. I the put it in their lunch boxes in the morning and it defrost by lunch time.

Also on the savings front I have got rid of our sky multi room and several sky channels which will being our sky bill down, not this month as I have changed the date it comes out, but from next month it should reduce by thirty pounds.

I have also cancelled a couple of insurance policies that I know longer need. This has taken another twenty pounds off our outgoing.

I will continue to monitor our expenditures and see where I can save money.

I had a big discussion with the children before I got rid of the multi room as I didn't want to get rid of anything that would upset them or effect them but their reply really confirmed everything I had been feeling for the last few months and that was they only watch Tele or play games because they are bored and they would much rather use the saved money to go out for days. I agree with them completely and find a lot of the time I am also bored. So lets hope we get to do more fun things together.

Today, I popped over to see my mum and dad, my darling mum has had a bad back for a couple of weeks but seems to be on the mend now. My dad seemed to be in good spirits today and we thoroughly enjoyed their company.

Well I guess I had better go and start organising for school tomorrow, have a lovely evening and take care. Its good to be back