Thursday, 31 March 2016

Back after a break

Hello dear friends I am back. I took a few days off from blogging for a couple of reasons:-

  • I have got really behind on my house and had a mountain of ironing to do, after five days of ironing I am almost there.
  • I have been feeling a bit low recently and did not want to put my depressive feelings onto anyone else.
  • My eight year old had a bit of a health scare, he found lump somewhere a little boy should not have lump and after an awful evening at the hospital and several doctors appointments, it turns out the lump was an abscess and thanks to my doctors suggestion to try antibiotics before seeing a surgeon the lump has now nearly gone.
So, here I am back in the blogging world and starting to feel much more positive about things.

We are on school holidays, and as I have just said I have washed and ironed pretty much constantly for the last five days.

I have also started to organise the children's school things. We now have three hooks on the door of our cupboard under the stairs for school bags, swimming bags and PE bags.

I could not fit a fourth peg for my thirteen year old school stuff but I am thinking about putting hooks on his bedroom door for his.

When we go back to school it will be the summer term so the children will have swimming lessons, cricket lessons so I need to organise who has what and on which days. I currently don't have a calendar so I am deciding whether to buy one or whether to print out a monthly calendar, frame it and put it in the playroom.

Something similar to this, what do you think?

I haven't arranged a menu plan for this week, I did a large shop at the weekend that included the usual chicken breasts and minced beef which seems to be a regular team for us. We used the chicken breasts of fajitas which we had for dinner last night and finished up for lunch today. I think I will get the minced out of the freezer tonight or tomorrow morning and do a chilli with Rice for the weekend.

Once the washing and ironing are fully up to date, I am going to work on my garage fridge freezer as I would like to clean them out so that I can get two weeks worth of snack cooked and in the freezer for when we go back to school.  And have lots of space ready for drinks in the outdoor fridge for when it starts to get warm.

Well personally, I haven't done any walking or exercise since I was last here and other than taking the children for a bike ride probably wont do very much until we are back at school.

I am off to have a nice warm bath, put on a warming face pack and read my book for a bit so have a lovely evening and take care xx

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Saturday shop day

Hello, happy Saturday to you all.

Wow this morning I woke up at 11.00, and came down to starving little people (bad mum). I never get up that late and I never have cupboards that are that bare, have I become Mother Hubbard?

So, my daughter and I got dressed and headed off to Aldi to buy a mountain of food, just in case I decide not to get up at all tomorrow ha ha.

This little lot cost me £63.00.

Every time I go to Aldi I am so pleased with the amount of food I manage to get for a very reasonable price.

The fruit bowl in the photo at the top is mine and was included in this shop. Don't you just love a colourful inviting fruit bowl? It almost makes me want to be healthy that is until I see the next chocolate bar (oops).

This evening I intend to put a couple of items on Ebay, they are only dresses so unlikely to produce a big return but hey, it all helps.

My thirteen year old is heading off on a Cadets Easter camp on Thursday so he is currently packing his kit and my lounge floor is covered in green camo. I really hope this all gets put into his bag by bedtime otherwise I will be heading off to bed having a mini meltdown at having to get up to that mess everywhere.

The Easter camp has cost £30.00 and I need to buy him a red torch and camo cream which will work out to another £15.00 which I have said I will get him instead of an Easter Egg but knowing me I won't be able to not get him an Easter Egg.

Well I'm off to have a nice bath and read my book so, have a lovely evening and take care xx

Friday, 18 March 2016

Yay Fun Friday!

Good Evening.

This evening was the school disco evening, hence the photo above. My youngest son decided he did not want to go to the disco and would rather stay with mummy. Argh bless him. It does worry me that he is still clingy at seven. He has always had a tendency to be a bit of a mummy's boy but I really don't want him to miss out on having fun with his friends.

My eight year old son and my daughter decided they would go to their discos and my son told me he spent the evening having a good time playing it! My daughter said the music was far too loud and it gave her a headache so she went and sat out in the hall. (old before her time)

I spent the evening as taxi driver.

Well I'm going to head off to bed now, have a nice evening.

Take care xx

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursdays here again!

Good Evening, I hope you have had a nice day.

It has been beautifully sunny here today, a colleague told me her car even said it was 18°c. I'm not sure it was that warm but it was certainly nicer to wake up to the blue sky and sun beaming than yesterday when their was frost glistening everywhere.

Tonight, we had my thirteen year olds parents evening, we have always had glowing reports from his teachers and tonight was no different although he does need to challenge himself in maths and not 'just do enough'. I did mortify him by saying that I would ring his teacher at the end of each half term to see how he is getting on. Mwah ha ha! Isn't it great being an embarrassing parent.

I am lying on my bed typing this up whilst my eight year old is watching Open Season, he said he was lonely and would I watch with him. Bless, that boy is so cute... He pulls on my heartstrings.

Ok so do you like the picture above?

This is somewhere on my bucket list and I don't think I have ever done a bucket list post so here goes:-

Places to visit
Whistler Canada (the picture above)
Banff Canada
Toronto Canada
Whale watching Cruise in Alaska
New York - Summer visit, to drink coffee in central park, Christmas visit, to outdoor ice skate in central park
New England
Washington DC
San Francisco
Savannah Georgia
Florida (again)
Northern lights and blue lagoon in Iceland
Bora Bora (yes, I know in my dreams)
Hong Kong (again, I loved it there)
Zermutt Switzerland
Lapland at Christmas (before the little ones get too big)

Things to see

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory show in West End
Matilda show in West End

Well I'm sure there are so many other things I would like to do or see but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

What about you? What is on your bucket list?

Have a great day and take care xx

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Tuesday ramble

Good evening dear friends. I hope this post turns out readable as my computer seems to be having a bit of a moment.

Today, has been a long day, do you feel it too?

My eldest son is in Amsterdam for his dads 50th Birthday (Happy Birthday Steve) and today visited the Heineken factory and the went for dinner at the Hard Rock Café. I must admit to feeling a touch jealous whilst eating my tuna sandwich for dinner (spag bog has been moved to tomorrow).

This evening my darling daughter was invested at Brownies and received her hostess badge. She wrote an invite to me, made table decorations (origami rabbits and bird) and made chocolate chip cakes. She then made me a cup of tea and brought me a cake. It was delightful.

I went to the shop this evening and got myself a slow cooker at a brilliant bargain of £10.00 with my birthday money. I am hoping this will make life much easier on the evenings when I am constantly in and out. So watch out on next weeks menu plan for some slow cooker meals.

I received my thirteen year olds report today and he most definitely does not take after me. His highest score (which I have to say was very good) was in science. His report overall was very good but it confirmed that although he thoroughly enjoys history he should not consider taking this as one of his options. I have always said in the past that if a child enjoys something they will work harder at it but in this case my theory is clearly floored.

I came home at lunch time today and really achieved nothing, I had this plan of bleaching and thoroughly cleaning the whole house before the Easter holidays so that I can relax and have fun with the children but other than bleach and scrub the bathroom on Sunday I haven't got much further. I know, keep plodding along. A bit at a time makes a big difference.

Well I am off for a bath now, have a great evening and take care xx


Monday, 14 March 2016

Menu Plan Monday

Good Evening. I hope you had a nice Monday.

Its going to be a very busy week again so this weeks menu will be full of quick and easy meals. I am only cooking for six this week as my darling eldest son is in Amsterdam Monday and Tuesday and in Barcelona Wednesday and Thursday. He is such a jet setter. Paranoid mother here will be keeping an eye on the news to make sure there are no incidents anywhere.

Monday - Burgers, chips and beans (burgers made by my thirteen year old at school) Thirteen year old has cadets 6.30 depart.

Tuesday - Spaghetti Bolognese (Mince in freezer) Daughter has brownies 5.30 depart

Wednesday - Jacket potatoes with sausage and beans. Meeting with youngest sons teacher at 4.10

Thursday - Hot dogs  Drama club for daughter finishing at 5.30, Parents evening for thirteen year old from 5.00 - 6.45, cadets for thirteen year old starting at 7pm

Friday - Tomato Pasta  Two school disco's first starting at 6.00 till 7.30 next starting at 7.45 till 9.15

Oh, what a busy week. I think I will be sleeping all weekend!

Have a lovely evening and take care xx

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Birthday update

Hello dear friends.

I thought today I would tell you about my birthday. It was a lovely day. The flowers in the picture above I received from my brother and sister in law. Aren't they beautiful?

I had a lie in and read a few chapters of my book, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

One of my best friends and her daughter popped over with a lovely smelling candle and matching room fragrance and a card with the sweetest words in.

As per normal I was terribly spoilt by my mum and dad.

I got this box full of treats together with a lovely card that has a bookmark on the front of it (my mum knows me so well) and money so I can go and treat myself.

I was lucky to spend the day with my lovely family.

We decided to have a nice wander in the woods as the weather was clear and the sun was shining.

I managed to get some lovely photos of the children whilst we were out.


It didn't cost anything but we all enjoyed it. Sometimes its just nice to be somewhere that is peaceful. I feel like life is full of the noise of technology and its just nice to be away from it for a short time.

My aunt had popped over whilst I was out and left me lots of goodies, and I received a beautiful perfume box set from another couple of my friends.

It truly was a lovely relaxed birthday and I am so grateful for all my friends and family that made the effort to come over and see me, buy me gifts and send me cards. I am very a very lucky girl.

Have a good evening and take care xxx

Friday, 11 March 2016

Fun Friday

Good evening, I hope you have had a lovely day.

I haven't done things that make me happy recently, so here goes:-

  • The aunt deciding to come out when I had a rivers school trip
  • Getting back late from my school trip and seeing my two boys faces smiling at me as I walked through the door
  • Popping into my eldest sons work to buy some milk and seeing his lovely face
  • Receiving a card from my step Nan (bless her she is in her eighties and yet never forgets my birthday)
  • Spending the day outdoors enjoying the fresh air
I must admit I wasn't looking forward to todays school trip, I'm not into mud and it was very muddy at the place we visited. But it actually turned out to be a lovely day, very tiring as we were climbing up and down river banks and getting into rivers to do experiments but the children were very interested in everything they did and were told.

I honestly don't know how far I walked today as I forgot to wear my pedometer. But I'm pretty certain it was quite a distance.

Well I am off to watch backlist now, so it is just a quick one tonight and tomorrow is my birthday, 21 again...

Take car xx

Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Good Evening.

I hope this post isn't too dull, I am writing it whilst being in bed. I struggled to sleep last night and woke up early so I thought an early night was in order.

I went into work this morning and our usual supply teacher told me that tomorrow will be her last day with us. She then told me she will be immigrating next Wednesday to Australia. She proceeded to tell me she was fed up with the weather, the pressures put on her husband by his work and generally never being able to do things.

I can completely understand where she is coming from and I have spent quite a lot of the day thinking about how brave she is and why I continue to follow a path that I haven't been happy following for many years.

I know that I would never move away from my eldest son but the time will come when he will most likely move away. Would I move then, somewhere that the houses are cheaper, the scenery better? Probably not, because I would never leave my dad whilst he is ill and I would not leave my mum if she didn't have my dad.
There are also other people that I care about that I would like to be there for, should they ever need me.

 So I guess I am destined to live where I am and continue trying to survive in a very expensive part of England.
And try to make sure that I can always visit my amazingly brave children, who seem to have the will to do something that I cant do.

I walked five miles today

Have a great evening and take care xx 

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Tuesday Update

Hello Friends,

I hope you are well. As most of you will notice my usual Menu Plan Monday did not arrive yesterday, well I had an options evening at my thirteen year olds school. It was very interesting but this time round I am finding options quite stressful. I don't know whether this is because of all the changes that the government has put in place to the curriculum and the exams or whether this is because I know that my thirteen year old finds school much more difficult than my eldest son found it.

I know that if I had the option I would swap them around and have the older child taking the exams under the new curriculum and my thirteen year old using the old system.
I do feel that the UK compared to other countries is only interested in academics unlike other countries who take sporting and other achievements into consideration.

So today I will give you my menu plan for this week.

Monday - Chicken Nuggets (made by my son at school) and chips

Tuesday - Sausage with new potatoes and veg

Wednesday - Spaghetti Bolognese

Thursday - Soup and rolls

Friday - Spanish omelette

Saturday - Toad in the hole mash and veg

Sunday - Chicken roast potatoes and veg

I walked five miles today but I have to admit that considering one of my new years aims was to try and lose wait I am failing miserably in this area.  One of my favourite people is doing really well at losing weight at the moment and I really should take a leaf out of his book but I am one of those people that comfort eats, so when everything is rosy in my world I can easily lose weight but if I am concerned or worried about anything you can forget it and I will never maintain healthy eating.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Happy Mothers Day

Happy mothers day.
As most of you if you are a regular readers will know I am lucky enough to be the mum of five amazing children who make me laugh, smile and happy every day and truly are my daily delights.

These wonderful little and not so little people are the reason I get up every day they have me belly laughing on the floor, bursting with pride and happily smiling with pleasure because they are such lovely young people, now don't get me wrong I am not the sort of mum that does not see her children's faults because lets face it we wouldn't be human if we didn't have faults but they truly are kind and caring young people and that I feel is very important.

I was very lucky and spoilt this morning to receive a bottle of perfume and a 'mum you are amazing' cup to replace the cup that my children bought me last year and I dropped. I also received from my eldest son some DVD's with key events in his life starting with his birth, this was a huge surprise to me as he had these copied from tapes that I didn't even realise existed. I am so over the moon that I will forever be able to look back on my first babies early life especially if he does decide to move away.

I hope you have all had a wonderful day too.

My day was made increasingly special by not just spending it with my children but being able to see my wonderful mum (and dad) too.

Well that's it for todays post as although it is mothers day, I do still need to get the children's lunches, bags and uniform ready for tomorrow. I guess I should have done this yesterday but hey ho!

Have a lovely evening and take care xx

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Weekends here!

Hello friends,

Its been a couple of days since I have been here but that's because I have been a party animal and went out enjoying myself. No... I here you say. Yes I am shocked at this occurrence too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening chatting and laughing with some lovely people. Its not very often that I go out and when I do go out I tend not to stay out very long but last night I didn't rush home and I just relaxed and had fun.

So today, I had to get up fairly early because my thirteen year old is doing the Duke of Edinburgh award and had to go to a meeting to discuss what is expected of him over the next year. I dropped him off, came home and :-
  • Cleaned the outside of the kitchen cupboards
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Vacuumed downstairs
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Cleaned the toilet
  • Put the washing on
  • Made the beds
I then read a chapter of my book, I am currently reading Catch Me by Lisa Gardner, This book is a thriller and I have to say I am on chapter three and so far it has kept me on the edge of my chair and is very difficult to put down.

Later in the day I popped to our local supermarket to buy my mum a mothers day present. Tomorrow is mothers day in England.

Now I am going to relax and watch a film, enjoy your evening.

Take care xx

Thursday, 3 March 2016

A busy old week

Good evening,

Sorry I wasn't about yesterday, as I said earlier in the week,  this week is very busy.

We had a lovely day at school today with it being World book day. We had a local author come into the school and do a book signing and talk to the children about being a writer.

We also have a challenge going on, to read 100 books by summer and my daughter has made  a start on this already by checking the list and choosing to read Treasure Island first and then proceeded to inform me that it was Barack Obama's favourite book as a child.

The boys are not quite so enthusiastic, what a surprise!

What was your favourite book when you was a child? Mine was anything written by Enid Blyton. I loved The Faraway tree, The wishing chair and the Famous Five books. Reading is till one of my favourite pass times.

Today I walked five miles and we had a very quick and easy dinner Hot dogs, we was meant to have gammon sandwiches tonight but we had gammon, new potatoes and salad last night instead.

Well that's it from me for tonight, I need to go and pick my thirteen year old up from cadets.

Have a lovely evening take care xx

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Good afternoon.

I hope you have had a nice day.

I have been quite busy, work is busy which isn't unusual what with the year six children finding out what senior schools they got into today. (If you have children in year six, I hope they are happy). Parents evenings coming up and this term being a very short one with a lot to fit into a very short time.

After work today I had lunch with a friend and colleague which made a really nice change and had a wander around our local supermarket.

This evening I quickly made tea and stuck to my menu by cooking spaghetti Bolognese.

I then dropped my daughter off to brownies, where she made me a lovely mothers day card with an Earl Grey tea bag inside. I didn't cheat by peaking, she insisted that I open it early as she has already bought me a card.

As my gorgeous boys were so organised this morning I managed to clean the kitchen, put some washing on and sweep the floors before I left and trust me this is not a normal occurrence so it was lovely to get home and not have to clean the kitchen before I cooked dinner.

I walked 5 miles today.

I spent 10.05 on milk, croissants, apple juice, bread and some cakes for the children's lunches.

I'm going to have another early night tonight because last night I went to bed at 8.45 and was asleep by 9.00 and didn't wake up until the alarm went off at 7am.

Whilst writing this is would just like to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Mum and Dad.

Have a great evening and take care xx