Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Well this is a busy week!

Good evening.

It has been so lovely to catch up with some of my fellow bloggers, who I have missed a lot of the last few months, it certainly makes it worth doing again and makes me feel excited when I get a message come through.

Weekly News Update

It has been a very busy week. On Monday evening I found out what I will be doing at work next year, I had been quite worried about this, but my concerns were unnecessary. I am working in year six in the mornings (which I thoroughly enjoy) and working with a very special six year old in the afternoons.

Tuesday evening my daughter had An Alice In Wonderland show at her new school from September. Which was lovely to watch.

Today all the children found out what classes they are in for next year (including my two boys who will be going into year five and six) they were both happy with their new teachers although my youngest son is a little worried about what friend will be with him next year. Also my darling Liam has injured his leg quite badly and had physio tonight. She advised him she thought he had torn his AFL, he has a scan on Monday to confirm exactly what is wrong with it and if he will need an operation.

Tomorrow and Friday is transition day at school, where we all have one day in out new classes. And my daughter has two transition days at her new school. (scary stuff!) and then tomorrow night I have a meeting at her new school.

Diet Update

I weighed myself at the start of the week and after two and a half weeks of eating healthier I have lost 8lb. I am so pleased but I must admit the last two days I have felt quite hungry. I think for a couple of days I need to increase my intake.

Competition Update

As you know I didn't win anything last month, well I am happy to say this week I have won a necklace that I am going to put away for my daughter for Christmas and a pair of flip flops - perfect for knocking around the house in the holidays.

Well that's my update for today,

Talk soon x

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Long time no see...

Good Morning, Its been a while. We are down to the last three weeks of school, its been an incredibly stressful year and it looks as if its going to continue along that path until the end. Hopefully, next year will be better!

So what's changed, not much:-

  • I am still dieting and weigh maybe half a stone lighter than I did last year
  • My dad is still with us (Huge yay and celebrations go with this) albeit poorly
  • The kids are older but the same (love them so much)
  • I am still trying to save money (things seem to be getting harder and harder here)
  • I have started to do competitions and up to this month have done ok
  • I am still fighting the losing battle of trying to have a clean, organised home (yeah I can hear the laughter)
I have missed you all and missed blogging, so I'm going to start again but on a more low key basis a once or twice update a week.

Ok so as far as the competitions go I started a couple of months ago and I have won walking boots, a topiary ball for the garden, drinks, Manuka Honey, a Superdry bag for my daughter for senior school, a £35 stationary set, cycling shorts.  But sadly in June I have won nada! Not a thing. But its still a nice hobby to have and it saves me from watching mindless tele in the evenings.

Money saving - I have found sites like checkoutsmart and Shopimum that offer deals and then give you fastback on your purchases by uploading your receipts. I currently have £35.00 on one account and £18.00 on the other account. I am going to continue to save this for our Christmas food shop. Its worth it people, give it a go.

I am trying to eat healthier more natural foods rather than diet so I tend to eat Natural bars for breakfast if I'm on the run or Kallo puffed Rice and Rice milk if its a chilled morning. I eat salads and a sugar free jelly for lunch and then a dinner but I add salad to fill me up. I also snack on fruit.
Eating this way has made me feel fitter and healthier.

As far as the house is concerned I have started to try and get up earlier in the morning, roughly about 5am, to get the house tidied and the lunches done before I leave. Its tiring but does make life easier in the evenings. My plan for the summer holidays is to treat it as if I'm moving and box up everything fully clean and scrub and then put back the things we want or sell/tip the things we don't want. Wish me luck!

Well that's about it for my 'Hello' post, lets talk soon xx