Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Menu Plan Monday (ok its a day late!)

We are starting a day late this week, so only a six day week this week.

Tuesday - shepherds pie and veg (carrots and parsnips leftover) update chicken pie mash and veg (my mum has just made this and dropped it over) lucky me!

Wednesday - Gammon, mash and veg

Thursday- Gammon, chips, eggs and beans

Friday- Roast Lamb, Roast potatoes, veg

Saturday - Cold meat, Roast potatoes, salad and pickles

Sunday - soup and bread

I am going to try and keep my shopping down to a minimum this month to make up for the expense of Christmas. So this may well mean trying to get as much yellow stickered food as possible and freezing as many leftovers as I can manage.

I also plan to make soups (as these are cheap) for my lunches when I am back to work.

If anyone has any cheap recipes that they can think of please let me know and I will give them a go.

Take care and talk soon xx


  1. I agree on doing some money saving meals to make up for the holidays. I try to do it going up to the holidays too with lots of homemade baking and cooking. I was going to make baked potato soup today and my husband decided that today was a good day to seal the stovetop which was installed months ago. Sadly that meant that I couldn't touch the stove until 4 pm which made it hard to make soup for lunch!! Anyway, I am going to try again tomorrow. Good luck in the saving and finding lots of clearance foods. It is always good to save and use the things you have on your menu plan to save a lot of money! That is what I do too.

  2. Hi Alison. I did start to do freezer meals before Christmas but because I was poorly my family used them up quite quickly. Although I am thankful that they were there for them to use. Ha ha, men always do jobs when you don't want them to, don't they! I think its built into their DNA. Yum, I have never made baked potatoes soup but it sounds really good. I hope you got to have it in the end.
    I do love to have a menu plan it takes the stress out of knowing what to do for dinner and if we don't have a plan we end up having take aways and spending a fortune.
    Good luck with your menu planning for 2016. Happy new year xx