Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Well this is a busy week!

Good evening.

It has been so lovely to catch up with some of my fellow bloggers, who I have missed a lot of the last few months, it certainly makes it worth doing again and makes me feel excited when I get a message come through.

Weekly News Update

It has been a very busy week. On Monday evening I found out what I will be doing at work next year, I had been quite worried about this, but my concerns were unnecessary. I am working in year six in the mornings (which I thoroughly enjoy) and working with a very special six year old in the afternoons.

Tuesday evening my daughter had An Alice In Wonderland show at her new school from September. Which was lovely to watch.

Today all the children found out what classes they are in for next year (including my two boys who will be going into year five and six) they were both happy with their new teachers although my youngest son is a little worried about what friend will be with him next year. Also my darling Liam has injured his leg quite badly and had physio tonight. She advised him she thought he had torn his AFL, he has a scan on Monday to confirm exactly what is wrong with it and if he will need an operation.

Tomorrow and Friday is transition day at school, where we all have one day in out new classes. And my daughter has two transition days at her new school. (scary stuff!) and then tomorrow night I have a meeting at her new school.

Diet Update

I weighed myself at the start of the week and after two and a half weeks of eating healthier I have lost 8lb. I am so pleased but I must admit the last two days I have felt quite hungry. I think for a couple of days I need to increase my intake.

Competition Update

As you know I didn't win anything last month, well I am happy to say this week I have won a necklace that I am going to put away for my daughter for Christmas and a pair of flip flops - perfect for knocking around the house in the holidays.

Well that's my update for today,

Talk soon x


  1. Congratulations on ALL of your contest winnings. Great idea to put some of them away to use as gifts. Sounds like the uncertainty of next semester is almost past. I am happy your children like their new teachers and that they will have a transition class before the summer holidays begin. I am also happy for your placement.

    I am hoping that Liam will not be needing surgery and that with physio he will return to his normal strength. Keeping my fingers crossed for good test results from Monday's scan.

    Woohoo! Eight pounds lost! Way to go!

    1. Thanks Susan, todays transition days went really well all round, my daughter made a new friend and has already been face taming her all evening. The two boys enjoyed their days and liked their teachers and my new class is full of lovely children and the new teacher I am working with is very good.

      Liam had physio yesterday and she said his calf was very weak as well as his knee so she was concerned about the fibres in his calf too. Joy I think this could be a long drawn out process. We shall know for definite next week.

      Thank you I am pleased with how I am doing with the weight loss. I'm really good when I have the right foods at home. So I think I need to be more organised with what I plan and buy. Its so nice to chat with you and I hope all is good with you xxx

  2. Wonderful news all around, Tara, except for poor Liam! I hope he's ok and doesn't need surgery.

    And I'm adding my woohoo's to Susan's about your weight loss, that's fantastic! I'm so glad you don't have to be dreading next year's school assignment anymore too!

    1. I know, I feel quite positive about things this year, which is so different to how I have been feeling.

      The news on his knee seems to get worse with each medical person he sees, but we won't know for definite until he has had his scan next week. I'm a little concerned because the physio mentioned the possibility of a full knee reconstruction with him possibly needing to wear a brace for six months, but that was just a possibility so I'm not going to let it worry me until I know for sure.

      Ha I'm so pleased about the weight loss because I feel so much more positive about it and if I have something that's not great I log it and cut down in other areas to account for it. How is your weightless going? Xxx

    2. How did he injure his knee like this?! Poor guy.

      My weight loss is going great, at last weigh-in I'd lost 17 lbs since May 22! Yesterday and today were challenges because I got so busy that I didn't plan my food ahead, didn't exercise, probably didn't drink enough, but I'm going to get back on track tomorrow. I really do better when I have a set routine that I follow and don't deviate from too much.

    3. He fell over. Honestly he's nuts.

      Well done, you are doing amazingly. Its so hard when you don't plan isn't it. I have had that this week a bit as we have had such a busy week and just grabbed stuff but yesterday they all decided to have McDonalds and I went down to ASDA and got a 10p reduced salad and a 10p reduced fruit bowl. I was so chuffed with myself last night. You will get back on it, you are doing so well.

  3. Glad to hear that next year's classes have all been figured out and the anxiety level has been brought down. So sorry to hear about Liam's leg - hope he doesn't need surgery. Well done with the weight loss! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

    1. Thanks Bless its such a relief to know where I am next year, I was so worried but now I feel so much more settled. And its a role I can really get my teeth into.

      Fingers crossed for Liam, we will find out on Monday I think, so I guess we go from there.

      I'm really pleased with the weight loss and I feel much healthier. A lady that I work with keeps commenting on how good my skin looks now too. Its amazing what difference not eating processed foods can do.

      Have a lovely weekend. Xx