Thursday, 30 July 2015

Decluttering the house - a day at a time

What makes you feel happy? I think deep down inside I am a bit of a minimalist. I get stressed and panicky when there are lots of things lying around where they don't belong! I would love to walk into a lounge that just has sofas, a telly and some photos on the walls or a dining room that just has a table and chairs with some flowers on the table.

Does my house look like that? Oh noooo! Why I hear you ask... because I have a family that are certainly not minimalist in fact I have even been known to accuse my poor sweet man of being a hoarder!

If I am honest he is far from a hoarder he just has a little too much stuff for my minimalist taste.

Because of this I have once sometimes twice yearly clear outs, during this time I sell as much as I can get away with and if its not sale worthy it goes to the local charity shop.  This not only makes me feel as if I can breathe easier but normally gives us some extra cash towards a family holiday together (one of the most important things for me).

Over the next few weeks I will update you on our current clear out, what we have achieved financially by doing this and show you the progress we have made to decluttering our home.

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