Monday, 27 July 2015

Life as a working mum

Good evening. Finally the summer holidays have arrived. We broke up from school last Wednesday and have now been off for officially three days.
As a working mum I have spent the last three days trying to get my home back into some sort of order. Are you a working mum? Does your house fall apart while you are at work?
I am very lucky because I work in a school so I do get to spend all of the holidays with my delightful children however I do feel guilty that I am not one of these mums that is always taking my children somewhere different every day.
It's not that I don't want to but firstly I couldn't afford to and secondly the holidays are when things start to run smoothly again.
So today we did washing, we tidied bedrooms, we sorted out clothes that were too small, we all had bubble baths with excessive amounts of bubbles, we baked a chocolate cake together and we read stories to each other whilst it poured with rain outside and I just hope my little people don't feel as though they have missed out. I as a mum don't feel as though I have missed out as I have enjoyed looking at their smiling faces as they pretend to be Father Christmas with bubbles all over their faces, have seen them scrabbling to see who can get to the left over cake mixture first and have had the biggest cuddles ever during story time.
I just love the holidays with my little people!

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