Tuesday, 28 July 2015

That pre-teen girly thing!

Good afternoon.

 My beautiful darling daughter is nine going on eighteen. She loves clothes, make-up (argh I found lipstick kiss marks on her curtains yesterday!) shoes, jewellery. Yep, you get the gist.

So for her birthday a couple of weeks ago I ask her what she would like, her answer, dresses mum, one for every day of the week.

Now I am not affiliated with any shops but I have bought her dresses from every shop that I can think of but the one place that I seem to get quality from is  Next.  I bought her three dresses from Next, one that she really liked from a local supermarket and my much trendier sister in law bought her one from Yumi.

The three Next ones are holding up brilliantly, washing well etc, the Yuma one again washes well and seems to be great however the supermarket dress has three holes along the back of it. Whilst I can probably sew it so it looks fairly reasonable I am still a little disappointed.

I guess you pay for what you get!

Tell me what you think? Have you found a shop that you think has a reasonable price and quality? 

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