Wednesday, 4 November 2015

christmas update

Hi, it is time for another Christmas update.

Do you remember last weeks cleaning was in my two youngest boys room and I said  that this is likely to take me two weeks again the same as my daughters bedroom. It is definitely going to take another week. So this week I will continue to clean and clear my little boys bedroom. As I said before this room should really be decorated but that is not something I intend to do before Christmas so cleaning is the best I can manage.

For food this week I am going to make some fudge cookies for freezing and the plan is for the children to have these as a treat on Christmas eve with hot chocolate a couple of hours before they head off to bed.

The main meal that I plan to cook and put away as a December meal is Chicken and vegetable casserole with dumplings. This is a hearty meal and perfect for when its really cold. It can also be put in one pot and left to cook so its nice and easy.

For presents this week sweet man has taken over and ordered a couple of presents for me. Yay!
I have also been getting some ideas and today, my daughter and I popped into Sainsbury's and saw a couple of little things that my mum has mentioned to me in the past. So we are discussing whether we should make her a stocking this Christmas of little things.

This weeks extras that I am going to add to the shopping list is a box of lager for sweet man. We don't really buy very much alcohol for Christmas but I do like to have beer, cider and a couple of bottles of wine for sweet man and any family that may fancy a drink.

The children are going to make a start on writing their Christmas cards this week as they have about thirty each that they write and that is a bit too much for them to write in one go. They tend to write ten each week.

Let me know how you are getting on with your Christmas organising, I look forward to reading it.

Take care x


  1. I can't believe you haven't lost any steam on this project yet, LOL! Great job all of you, especially the kids writing all those letters!

    This week I bought cheap chocolate Advent calendars for the 3 kids who'll be living here in December (my oldest lives at his dad's and I might not see him before 12/1 so I didn't bother) and chocolate Santas/ornaments to give all 4 of them for St Nicolas, which is something I celebrate on 12/6 and the only tradition from my childhood that I still follow. I thought I had found a great present to buy for my daughter (concert tickets for a concert she really wants to attend in July) but since there is a chance she might spend the summer in California in a Coding Camp, I decided not to take the chance to waste money on the tickets. So I still don't know what I'm getting anyone. Looks like they might all be getting cash. Arrgh.

    1. Ah its lovely that you still follow some traditions from your childhood. Oh that's a shame about the present for your daughter sometimes its nice to find something a bit different to buy them isn't it. Coding Camp that sounds interesting. Xx

  2. I make "stockings" for my kids and each of their spouses, my mom and her spouse, my dad and his spouse, and a few for other friend and family members. They are not real stockings, but a gift bag or box filled with little things....some of them homemade, some bought and some treats. The grand kids get Advent calendars filled with little gifts (or stocking stuffers) for the 24 days in December. Besides the stocking, the only other gifts I give are cash or certificate gifts, and they only go to my kids and their spouses and my grand children. They report that they like this method. They have surprises to open from me under the tree, and they have cash to buy what they like at the post Christmas sales. Some of the stocking stuffers are very predictable....socks, toiletries, candy, etc. So it is a constant challenge to try to find a few surprises from year to year, especially in the homemade department. I have been very busy over the last week making mini scrapbooks for this year.

  3. I think its lovely that you do stockings for your family with both bought and made things in them. My mum makes the children a Christmas house filled with sweets as a treat for Christmas and the other day she said "I don't know whether to make the Christmas house this year the kids might be bored with it". My daughter who was ear wigging was devastated and said Nana its not Christmas without the house, its more important than a present. The things we do become traditions don't they? The mini scrapbooks sound great. Xx