Saturday, 7 November 2015

Weekly Shop 07/11/15

Hello lovely people,

I don't know if you have noticed recently but I am trying to rearrange how we organise things around here. We used to shop each day at our local ASDA store but this was working out very expensive and it meant that I was cooking quite late in the evening and honestly I am too tired when I get in from work.

So Saturday has become our shopping day, and its something my daughter and I do together which is very fun and enjoyable and means we get some quality time together.

Today we shopped at Lidl, Farmfoods and Aldi.

I thought it might be nice to list what I have bought and how much they cost.


Loose bananas £1.05 11 bananas
Cherry plum tomatoes 29p
Cucumber 29p
Large tomatoes £1.29
Iceberg lettuce 45p
Lamb shanks in rosemary and red wine x 2 £3.74 (1.74 each)
Butter x2 £1.64 (82p each)
German sausage selection £1.49
Chicken slices £1.39
Coleslaw 59p
Choc crunch cereal £1.19
Nougat pillow cereal £1.69
Nutella chocolate spread £1.49
Chocolate twist x2 90p (45p each)
Stoneware rolls x6 £1.50 (25p each)
Plain fresh bagels 76p
French croissants £1.23
Baking paper 99p
Beef Mince x2 £3.18 (1.59 each)
Chicken breasts £11.58 (5.79 each)

Total £36.47


Crinkle cut chips 95p
Sirloin steak x2 £6.98 (3.49 each)
Pork sausages 89p
Apples x 2 £1.08 (59p each) 20 Apples
Onions 79p
Baking Potatoes x2 1.08 (59p each) 8 potatoes

Total £11.97


Milk 4 litres £1.50
40 packs walkers crisps £3.95
Mini cracker tub £1.00
Apple juice 69p

Total £7.14

I also like to pop into either B&M or Home Bargains to pick up some other bits for the children's lunches for school but the traffic was too bad today so we might pop down there first thing in the morning.

I am trying the cereal from lid for the first time as I normally buy Krave and Crunchy nut clusters, the cereal from lid looks very similar but is almost half the price so I am going to give it to the children and see if they notice the difference. I will let you know!

Tomorrow, I will show you my food plan for this week.

Have a nice chilled evening.

Take care!


  1. Great job in reigning in the daily shopping, Tata! And look at how well it's working for you, not only saving you money but allowing you to relax a little more in the evenings and then spending one on one time with your daughter on Saturdays. Wonderful!

    Your produce prices are really good! Good job!

    1. Thanks Nathalie, I do feel like we are slowly getting there. I am pleased with the prices of things that I am getting each week I pick up the leaflet for the next week and work my shopping around that. Xx

  2. Those are good prices at Lidl, not been in their shop for years. I was mentally comparing them with Tesco! x

    1. The value is really good in Lidl, a few people have said they don't find that the produce lasts but ours gets eaten within a week and its still fine. We are having a couple of meat free meals a week like soup and bread and jacket potatoes but on some nights we are so busy that I don't have time to cook full blown meals anyway. Xx