Sunday, 8 November 2015

To remember

This morning my thirteen year old, who has recently joined army cadets, took part in the remembrance day parade.
It is the first time I have ever actually been to one, I have watched them on the television before but never actually been to one. My daughter and I proudly watched as he marched past not in uniform, as he has not received his yet, but in his school clothes. It was a very heart wrenching ceremony and seeing all the elderly servicemen wearing their medals made me realise just how lucky we are.

We did not do any further shopping today as my son was quite tired, both physically and emotionally after the morning so I have decided to make some cookies for their lunch for school tomorrow and maybe for the rest of the week as we have the ingredients and its better than buying more things.

Monday - sandwich (either cheese or chicken), apple cut up and soaked in lemon juice, cookie, bag of crisps and a drink.

Tuesday - sandwich (chocolate spread or peanut butter and jam), apple, cookie, bag of crisps and a drink

Wednesday - sandwich (cheese or chicken), cucumber slices or cherry tomatoes, cake or cookie, banana and drink

Thursday - croissant, crisps, cucumber or cherry tomatoes, apple and drink

Friday -  sandwich (Tuna or egg), banana, crisps, cookie or cake and drink

Sweet man has cup a soup and pot noodles at work and I am going to take ham and egg salad with an apple or banana.

For breakfast we have either cereal, toast or bagels.

And I have almost finished organising our meals for next week so I will update you on those tomorrow.

I am now off to cook dinner. Have a lovely evening and take care.


  1. It's nice that the younger generation are interested in remembering, we went to a service years ago when my son was in the Air Cadets, which sadly he lost interest in once he left school. You always make some lovely sandwiches and lunch boxes! xx

  2. I agree, a couple of my sons friends are in the air cadets but he is a bit nervous of flying bless him. He has wanted to be a policeman since he was about five but there are no police cadets in our area so he decided to join the Army cadets as he said it would give him good habits. Ah thank you, I find packed lunches really difficult because I have one really fussy eater and I like them to have a bit of variety.