Sunday, 1 November 2015

Sunday update

Afternoon dear friends,

I hope you are having a nice day.

I am, I have just watched one of my favourite programmes that has been on a summer break and has just come back on...Blacklist. Its one of the few things I like about winter, I can't stand the cold, dark evenings but I do like that the television is good again.

This weeks spending is fairly good.
Lidl £22.56
Lidl £28.33
ASDA £8.50
Sainsbury's £10.33
Total spent £70.22
This week we are under budget, our initial budget was trying to stay within £100 although my aim was to make our budget £80.00. This week we are even under that figure. I'm not sure whether we are under budget because we have been off school this week so I have had more time to cook things from fresh.
If that is the case I really need to try and fit more cooking into my time. Also my family have enjoyed having home made food to enjoy and sweet man has made his colleagues jealous with his sausage rolls at lunchtime.
Tomorrow we are back to work and I'm not really looking forward to it, whilst I do enjoy my job my most favourite thing is spending quality time with my gorgeous children.
My daughter and son have their glasses ready for school tomorrow so I thought I would show you how cute they look.



We have decided they are our Clarke Kent and Felicity Smoak. Whilst I am not really a Superman fan I do like Arrow and Felicity Smoak is one of my favourite characters. Have you noticed its been all about the Tele today?

Well seeing as it is Sunday evening I guess I had better go and give the kids a nice warm bath and get them ready for bed before I sit down and are you ready for it? Watch Zoo. (ha ha)

Take Care xx




  1. Well done, like you I like my job but glad to have a break with the kids. Now they're older they play better together and it's easier. It's nice to get chance to cook lots when you get chance. Kids always end up helping them arguing or eating mixture before get to put it in the tins!! Sausage roll envy love it, how do you make yours? X

  2. Hi Em, I hope you are well, what do you do for your job? I normally just buy some nice sausage meat wrap them in puff pastry and sometimes put some chutney in them. Do you make yours the same? Ha ha, mine don't really like mixture that's uncooked so they just eat everything once its cooked. Xx