Friday, 9 September 2016

Amazing First Week

Good Evening. I hope you have had a good week.

What an amazing first week the children have had so far.

My darling daughter sat for hours last night writing and practising her house captains speech. It is a position that she wanted from when she went into year one and had to vote for her first house captains.

Finally, she is in year six and had the opportunity to try for house captain. This year there were more people try out than ever before in fact there were only three girls that didn't want to do it. It was her turn to go down and do her speech in front of about a hundred children, during this time I felt physically sick, I thought her speech was funny, witty and clever but I'm her mum I would think that.

My daughter is fairly quiet, a bit of a goodie goodie and although fairly well liked not really one of the popular kids and yet an hour later she came upstairs, running into my classroom with the biggest smile I had ever seen and said she had been chosen to be 'House Captain'. I am so proud of her and I think she really deserved this.

My little nine year old who has never been a big lover of school has come home every night and practised the things he has been doing during the day. He has perfected them and taken them in to school the following day to show his teacher. He has announced a couple of times in the last week that he wants to work his hardest so that he can try and go to grammar school. For me just knowing that my little boy is happily going into school is enough without him now aspiring to achieve such amazing things.

The youngest one is happy at school and reading more. He is also doing his homework without moaning.

The fourteen year old seems to be enjoying his new classes and seems to like his teachers. It is going to be a very full on year for him and he is really going to have to keep pushing himself to make sure he does enough and isn't lazy. But his attitude does seem to be changing and he does seem to be growing up. Fingers crossed he has a great year.

For me, I am just taking one working day at a time and trying to keep on top of everything else to keep life running as smoothly as possible.

Take care xx


  1. That's wonderful, Tara!

    Congratulations to your daughter! Can you explain what a House Captain does, exactly?

    You must be so proud of all of them, I'm so happy for you all!

    1. Hi Nathalie, a house captain collects and counts the house points each week and will put their ribbons on the cup if they get the most house points and will hold the up in assembly. They also are in charge of taking visitors round the school. They organise charity events for the children to take part in and they have to help organise the Christmas bazaar and the summer fĂȘte etc.
      Its quite a demanding role but I'm sure she will cope with it well.
      I am so proud of her and all the others too. Its been a great start xxx

  2. So glad to hear the children have all had a lovely first week of school! Congratulations to your daughter on becoming House Captain!

    1. Ah thank you Bless, I am so proud of her. Long may it continue xx