Sunday, 11 September 2016

Menu Plan

Good Evening.

 How on earth did it become Sunday evening already?

We had a lovely morning visiting mum and dad. My poor dad has a dreadful cold which is making him feel very rough but mum is trying to entice him to eat by making jam sponges and home made sausage rolls.
My darling daughter and I then went to the supermarket and did the shopping for next week. We chose to do our shopping at Tesco this week as I had a four pound off voucher and they give very good club card vouchers for meals and days out. I thought we could save them out for nice days out in the holidays.

I managed to get a school term calendar at the supermarket half price. I have been after one of these for a while as I find it very difficult to keep on top of everything that goes on for each child so writing it down and checking it each morning helps a lot.

Monday - Braising steak with mashed potato, carrots and sweetcorn (done in the slow cooker)

Tuesday - Spaghetti Bolognese (done in the slow cooker)

Wednesday - Roast Chicken, potatoes, veg (chicken in slow cooker)

Thursday - Lamb, New Potatoes and veg

Friday - Gammon steaks with pineapple, chips, eggs

Saturday - Chicken salad sandwiches

Sunday - Vegetable soup and rolls

Fingers crossed this menu plan will make for a nice easy week of cooking.

I hope you have a lovely evening. I am going to sit and relax and watch a bit of television before I go to bed.

Take care xx


  1. I agree, this weekend felt short here too. Well done, you've made your menu for the week... you're way ahead of me!

    Have a great week, Tara. Enjoy your new organizer.

    1. Thanks Nathalie. I'm not a big casserole fan but the beef casserole was ok tonight but I opted out of the dumplings. Yeugh!

  2. Nice menu plan! I've never had much luck with making a weekly menu plan, but now there's only me and so it doesn't matter as much. But I love reading about what others are making or planning to make.

    Hope the second week of school goes as well as the first did.

    1. I like reading what others are making too Bless it gives me inspiration for new things.
      Do you cook yourself a dinner every day? The only reason I ask is because my mum was telling me my dads not eating much at the moment and it makes her not be bothered for herself and she just has a sandwich.

      Thank you I hope so too. Xx

    2. Tara, I don't necessarily cook a dinner everyday. Like your dad, I don't have much of an appetite these days, although food is starting to taste better, again. I often make enough for a couple of meals, so I have leftovers on the second day. Or I cook a big meal for brunch and then, have a sandwich for dinner.

  3. We have the more or less the same meals each week apart from thursday, shopping day, I buy what is half price, Jo

    1. I have too many fussy people in my house to be able to do that Jo, its a shame because it would make life much easier.

      I do like Tesco though Jo xxx