Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Our new Routine

Hello dear friends,
I am a bit that with this post but like the saying goes better late than never!
We have had a good start to the first week back, Monday morning the usual start of school photos were taken much to my fourteen year olds disgust, but mum won this year, I guess it will get more difficult the older he gets.

Fourteen year old, can you see there is a smile desperate to sneak out.

Baby girl, how can she possibly be year six this year.

My darling nine year old, and happy to be going back to school for the first time ever!

The baby who is quickly becoming a big boy but will always be mummy's baby

I am so proud of all of them they have followed my new plan of getting up in the morning and making their beds and tidying their rooms before they come down to breakfast each morning.

On the whole they have managed to pack there own lunches each except for the fourteen year old who had his little sister make it for him one day because he couldn't be bothered and she didn't want him to starve, bless her little heart.

They are all reading to me on a daily basis and even though they are not getting homework yet, they are doing little bits that they feel they need to practise.

My daughter wrote her speech today as she would like to become the house captain.

My nine year old was using a compass for the first time today and came home and made his teacher compass flowers that he coloured in for her.

My eight year old who is dyslexic has been doing lots of extra reading.

I have been taking a healthy lunch each day that I made at the start of the week together with a couple of pieces of fruit. I have also had breakfast each morning and no snacks.

We haven't been running yet this week but we are back to walking and when my nine year old is less tired we will start running again.

The house is remaining nice and tidy for the time being. Fingers crossed that it carries on that way.

Well that's it from me for tonight.

Take care xx


  1. They all look handsome! Is this what your 14-year-old really wears to school?! He looks like a banker, very professional and handsome. There aren't uniforms in public high school down here so my son wears jeans, a Tshirt and usually an unbuttoned flannel shirt thrown on top. I'm really glad we don't have the extra expense of uniforms and that I don't have to worry about maintaining them, to be honest.

    Good going with all the healthy stuff! How nice was it to hear when your colleagues told you you lost tons of weight?! Keep going!

    I hope that your little one has a better year this year. Yay for him reading so much! Please pass on my congratulations to all of them for the excellent job they are doing of tidying up their rooms and packing their lunches! Wonderful!
    Have a great rest of your week, Tara. You're off to a splendid start.

    1. Yes he does have to wear that for school. I was a little bit upset the other day, he asked to take his jacket off because he felt really hot and a bit dizzy and the teacher said No, so I emailed the school. School uniform costs me a fortune!

      I haven't lost any weight this week and I have just been bought a box of chocolates, Noooo!

      Thank you I am so proud of how they have started the year.


  2. Sounds like back to school is going well. Your children look so smart in their school clothes! Hope they all have a fine school year.

    1. Ah thank you Bless, I hope they do too. It would be lovely to have a year where they are all happy and doing well. Xxx