Thursday, 27 October 2016

Queen of cookies

Hello, How has your day been? Ours has been very nice, guess why that is, yes you got it we are on holiday!

Things achieved :-

  • Washing done
  • Vacuumed whole house
  • Shopping
  • Cookies made (by my gorgeous baby girl)
  • Lots of minced and onion in gravy prepared
  • Beds made
It has been another nice day of pottering, a friend was going to pop over this afternoon but as Ben was sent home from work poorly she decided against being subjected to germs.

I popped to the shops this morning and bought three packs of minced beef for £10.00 which this evening I put two packs into the slow cooker with two chopped onions and gravy and tomorrow I am going to make a mixture of shepherds pie, minced beef and onion pies in puff pastry and a portion I am going to freeze as it is to have inside a large Yorkshire pudding with veg and potatoes. So that will be another three meals in the freezer.

The other pack of minced beef will be added to a pack of minced pork (in the fridge) to make a couple of chilli's.

This afternoon my lovely daughter was a little bored, one brother was on the Xbox, another on the PlayStation and the third watching Netflix, so we decided to do a bit of baking an hour later she had made 52 cookies, half chocolate chip and half shortbread. Half of each of these have been put in the freezer to go in the lunches for next week and half are in the cupboard for this week.

We read stories to each other after bath time this evening, my nine year old was a little mortified because he didn't know what to read because he is on the last few scenes of the new Harry Potter book but he knows that I want to read this after him so after lots of tears he accepted that we could read this together and it wouldn't ruin it for me.

I had to pick my son up from cadets tonight so I took the opportunity to go into Aldo on my own and bought a butternut squash for 55p to make butternut squash soup, a joint of beef to make a meal and some sliced beef for sandwiches for £6.50, an extra large chicken for £4.10 which should make a couple of meals, a gammon joint for a meal and the rest to be sliced for sandwiches for 4.50. I might also make some chicken and ham pies using both the chicken and the gammon. I got some pretzel snacks  for £1.00 to be put away for Christmas, a couple of speciality bags of crisps for 89p each and a large pumpkin for 99p. I felt that this was a good shop because it should cover quite a few meals.

I haven't fully worked out how much I have spent on food so far this month but I do feel that I am filling the freezer and making my life easier for when I am back at work and hopefully saving money at the end of the month.

I also bought my son air of trousers in the charity shop that originally came from Next and still had the label on them their original price was  £12.50 I got them for £1.49 and he was thrilled with my purchase and gave me a £1.00 from his pocket money to go and buy myself something tomorrow, so I have secretly put it back in his money box.

Have a nice evening and take care xx


  1. Hmm, cookies and good deals at the store (and you cleaned too!) that sounds like a great day! I hope your husband feels better soon, Tara.

  2. That is so cute of your son to give you some of his pocket money to buy yourself something! Sounds like you have several yummy sounding meals prepared ahead for busy school days to come. Plus cookies! Sounds like a lovely day, Tara.