Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Forgetfulness causes spending fail

Hello, I hope you are having a nice day.

I have to admit to having a bit of a ditzy day today. I forget to get the soup out of the freezer for dinner and then heading off to school checked that all the children had their lunch only to find when I got to the school fridge that I had forgotten mine! Doh!

As I had no change with me I couldn't book a school dinner which would have been cheaper than going to the shop, so sadly I went to the shop and spent £4.00 at lunch time. I then went to the shop again after work to buy some food for dinner argh disaster, I spent £20.00 but I did buy other items to go with dinner for the rest of the week and more packed lunch items.

On a positive note, we did get my daughters drama club for free this week amounting to a saving of £3.50, and then at Guides the lovely lady that runs it gave us a guides fleece jacket that was given to them from a little girl who recently gave up.

So pluses and minuses to our day.

Take care xx


  1. I'm laughing because you nagged the kids and then you forgot your own lunch, lol! I'm glad you didn't have to go with an empty stomach all day, though!

    1. I know, how can I possibly tell them off when I'm worse!

  2. These things happen, don't they? I, too, am glad you didn't go hungry without lunch! If it makes you feel better, there have been days when I've taken a packed lunch to work and still went out and bought something because I didn't feel like eating what I had packed!

    1. oh, Ben does that and brings the lunch I made him home, I have such an urge to dish it up to him for tea. Ha ha xxx