Sunday, 16 October 2016

An update of the last couple of weeks


It has been a busy couple of weeks in our neck of the woods, nothing exciting happening for me I'm afraid other than the usual mountain of cleaning and ironing but much busyness for the children.

The last time I posted my darling daughter was heading off on a week long residential trip, well thankfully the week is over and she is back. She had an amazing time and achieved things she never dreamed that, not being an outdoorsy sort of girl, she would.

She pulled herself through dirty tunnels, played volleyball whilst on trampolines, went on zipwires and her favourite thing was a giant swing that was really high, where her best friend and her sang 'I believe I can fly' at the tops of their voices. But my favourite story that she told me was about the raft that they made and then put on the river, she said "One of the boys in our group mum seemed really left out and I felt really sorry for him so I decided to push him into the river so that he felt part of the group". I'm not sure how the poor young man felt about this but it certainly made me laugh.

It was great to have her home and I knew I was going to miss her but I didn't realise quite how much!

Last week, was another busy week with my daughter and nine year old son being invited to the local senior school for a day of music, and the following day my daughter was invited to the high school for a maths and science day. They enjoyed their days and felt they got a lot out of it but came home very tired.

On Friday my fourteen year old went off to camp for the weekend and my youngest three went to the Halloween disco at school. This was quite a big deal, as my daughter announced it was her final Halloween disco at school and she wanted to go out with a bang! The decision was made that she was not planning on going as a witch or anything like that she would go as her favourite super villain Harley Quinn! So then the boys jumped on the band wagon and my youngest son decided he would go as the Joker and my nine year old randomly decided to go as a character from Yu-gi-oh!

Needless to say they had me painting trainers, spray painting tutu's, making medallions, chokers and drawing tattoos on their arms, legs, face and stomachs!

Here are the results, what do you think?

Thankfully I think this week might be slightly quieter although I know I have a super busy week ahead of me at work.

I am starting to log our spending again, so today I spent £10.80 on groceries at ASDA.

This was a bit of a desperate shop as we had completely run out of loo roll and butter.

I also popped into the local charity shop and treated myself to a brand new pair of black jeans with the labels still on for £1.49, I have noticed that people wear black jeans to work quite often, I normally wear black trousers but this means ironing five pairs a week just for me but if I wear jeans I can get away with wearing them for a couple of days therefore reducing some ironing.

Today for dinner we had chilli and rice.

There were plenty of leftovers to go into the freezer for another day.
I hope you have had a lovely weekend, it has certainly flown by in this house.
Take care xx


  1. Glad to hear that your daughter had a good time at camp. The Halloween costumes look awesome!

  2. Dang it, I was going to say exactly what Bless already said! The costumes do indeed look great. How talented you are!

    Now... is your daughter really never going to wear pants again now that her camp has ended?

    1. I read your comment on the way to work this morning and it made me giggle. She said... not if she can avoid it and she is also not planning on going through anymore dirty tunnels either. Ha ha

      I do enjoy doing things like that, that's why I started working in a school but I don't get much chance to do anything artistic anymore. Xx