Monday, 17 October 2016

How much did I spend and what are we going to eat?


Autumn is here. I have mixed feelings about this season, I love the beautiful colours and carpet of leaves that lie for us to kick as we walk along the road however, I dislike the rain and being cold and wet all day after getting either soaked on our way to school or on our way home. But for today a pretty rain free day I am happy that it is Autumn!

We are quite low on food in our cupboards and freezer at the moment so after school today I had to pop to the shop to get some lunch items for the next few days.

I spent £16.00 in ASDA and £4.05 on chips at the chip shop to go with the rest yesterdays chilli for tonights tea.

Total spent £20.05

Tuesday - soup and bread (clubs night)

Wednesday - shepherds pie and sweetcorn

Thursday - Chicken salad sandwiches (clubs night)

Friday - Omelettes

I am not adding a weekend eating plan to this menu as it invariably gets changed because someone doesn't fancy what we have.

Have a nice evening

Take care xx


  1. Look at your being all organized! I haven't made a menu for this week. I think I'm just going to pull out a bunch of stuff from the freezer and decided what to cook with it as I pull it.

    1. Ha so much for being organised we had pasta not soup. I guess the thought was there. At least you have it in the freezer to work from.xx

  2. Good of you to have your meal plan in place for the week! May I ask what "clubs nights" are?

    1. Ha I didn't stick to it tonight Bless. Clubs night is where the kids have clubs that I have to drive then to. Tonight my daughter had choir till 4.30, drama 5-6.30 and Guides from 7.30-8.45 so its busy and in and out on Thursday my son has cadets from 6.30-9.30 so I have to do quick easy dinners xx

    2. Thanks, Tara; I wondered if it was when the kids had activities after school. It was dance classes when my daughter was growing up.