Monday, 23 May 2016

Bye Bye darling, see you soon!

Hello, yes you can guess what I am going to say. My baby has gone, in fact he is currently 2 hours and 40 minutes away from landing and the plane is running 19 minutes early. Not that I am an obsessive mother that has been checking every half hour or anything crazy like that. Ha ha!
He complained apparently at the lack of WiFi on the plane, come on Virgin sort it out. You have precious cargo on board.

I worked all day today again because although my leg has been fine all weekend as soon as I got about half way to school it was agony, it is clearly an injury that needs rest, ha yeah right there's not much chance of that. But on the plus side the lovely teacher that I work with bought me some beautiful flowers because we have been working so hard. (I really would love to work with her again next year)

No, the Magners is not mine!

My daughter has end of term exams for the rest of the week and spent most of the evening revising fractions, decimals bus stop method division etc and then complained when I sent her to bed at 9pm, an hour later than normal, and I thought I was being nice!

We have half term next week and I normally spend most of the holiday getting the house in order and organising us for the forthcoming term. We only have one half term left of school when we go back and I would really like to do some inexpensive but fun things during this week off. If anyone has any ideas please drop me a line. We have no car unfortunately so it has to be local things.

These are my ideas so far:-

  • Bike rides
  • Basketball in the park
  • Picnic in the park
  • Children making lunch for nana (finger sandwiches and homemade cakes)
  • Board game afternoon
  • Kids movie afternoon
  • £2.00 kids movie at cinema (if Odeon are partaking)
That's my list so far.

Well I am off for  a bath now in case I hear from Liam tonight.

Take care xx

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