Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Tiramisu Tuesday - mmm tasted good

Good Evening my dear friends. I hope you have had a lovely day. Today has been one of those non stop busy days. I overslept this morning, only by fifteen minutes, but that in our house is pretty horrific.
I then had a full day at work, my daughter had choir after school. We rushed home after choir and then shot off to brownies. I popped home briefly and then went to pick my daughter up, luckily tonight I had organised a microwave chicken curry and rice meal for everyone. The boys decided they wanted naan bread with their curries so we stopped on the way back from brownies to get the naan bread... oh yes and the tiramisu. (which I am very sad to say I have been forced to share)

Housework chores completed

Ok I'm going to admit it... that will be a big fat zero! Oops!

 Exercise achieved

Today I only walked to school and back from school, so only about five miles walking done. But tomorrow should be a lot more as I have to walk to my school and then to two different schools during the day and back to my school before coming home. Busy!

Money spent today

Whilst at ASDA today the payment machine said £25.00 which seemed and awful lot for what I had actually bought. When I checked the receipt I realised I had been over charged by £8.00 so I went to customer service and got a refund. I spent £17.00 this was on additions to tonight's tea and tomorrows tea but then I realised my eight year old has a friend over tomorrow night so I may have to rethink that dinner.

Well that's about all I have to update you with today. Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Oh no I'm trying to be good! Why did you have to post a photo of the tiramisu?!? lol.

    You were a busy bee today, my dear! You must be exhausted. Good call on the microwave dinner! Hmmm, naan bread... oh I'm so hungry!

    Good job catching the overcharge on your bill, that's a lot of money! What were they thinking?!

    I hope you're not too tired tomorrow, it sounds like you'll be walking 10 or 20 miles!

    1. Sorry, I have eaten so much rubbish recently. In fact when I look at my few recent posts they all seem to be about food. Argh No wonder I am overweight.

      Rip off merchants they were Nathalie, shocking!

      I was tired and I pulled a muscling my leg, I have been suffering ever since ouch! Xx

    2. oh no! have you been able to use the car, then?

    3. No! I still had to struggle. My youngest told Ben he was mean because I had hurt myself and Ben didn't even give me a lift to work! Bless him.