Monday, 16 May 2016

Menu Plan Monday


Monday - Sausage and homemade potato wedges

Tuesday - Chicken curry and rice

Wednesday - Pork steaks with new potatoes and corn on the cob

Thursday - Chilli and rice

Friday - Pizza and garlic bread

Saturday - Steak and chips

Sunday - Chicken salad sandwiches and crisps

Cleaning update

Today, I tried something new. I wrote a list on my under the stairs cupboard door for each child.

This is what it looked like:-

There is not Tele or electrical items until the below jobs are completed.


  • Hoover downstairs
  • Get all items you are planning to pack ready
  • Make bed and tidy area around bed
Thirteen year old

  • Put away stuff in cadets bag
  • Hoover upstairs
  • Organise bags, clothes etc. for tomorrow
  • Put dirty clothes in wash basket
  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Do homework

  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Get clothes, bag etc ready for tomorrow
  • Do homework
  • Lay table for dinner
Eight year old

  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Get clothes, bag etc ready for tomorrow
  • Do homework
  • Clean table after dinner
Seven year old

  • Tidy room and make bed
  • Get clothes, bag etc for tomorrow
  • Put dirty washing in the basket
  • Do homework
I also had a list for myself which included washing the floors, cooking dinner, packing lunches for tomorrow, iron clothes ready for tomorrow, put washing on.

This did work quite well an apart from my thirteen year old no one moaned but even he got over it quite quickly.  I let my daughter off laying the table because she had a lot of homework and she had both year five and year six homework for maths which was quite challenging. I have always felt that school work should take priority over other things so mummy laid the table.

Today I walked to and from school twice - As most of you know this is quite a journey so I have walked about six miles today.

Money spent

This evening Liam, my eight year old and I went to ASDA, I knew I was running out of cereal, lunch meat, washing powder and drinks.

I spent £25.00 but I did get quite a lot of drinks, two boxes of cereals, two birthday cakes for 45p each which I cut up and put in the freezer for lunches, lunch meats, ready made chicken curries for tomorrows dinner (my daughter has choir and then a tea party at brownies and I am at work all day so we need a quick meal).

Well that's it from me, I am off to have a bath. Have a lovely evening. Take care xx

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