Wednesday, 25 May 2016

argh kids arguments!

Hello friends! I hope you have had a fun Wednesday, mine has felt like a mountain of highs and lows.

I woke up really early this morning as I couldn't sleep so I got up and ironed clean school clothes, got the lunches ready. Spent a while doing my daughters hair she had her class assembly today.

We walked to school at our usual time (my leg is starting to feel a bit better). I had a very busy day at work, the last two weeks of each half term is always really busy and now we are down to two days left so its super busy.

At lunchtime today I heard that my daughter had a row with her two best friends and that she was completely at fault, it sounded as if it had got out of hand and she was going to get in trouble for it. Her best friends are lovely and always there for her no matter what. She was mortified this evening and sorted through her pocket money so that she could get her friends a sorry present. We dropped them over to them and her friends were so lovely because they hugged her and told her that they had spread forgiven her. It was quite an emotional evening as they all cried and I love her friends, they truly are the sweetest girls.

I also watched my daughters class assembly this afternoon and she was amazing, she had one of the main parts. My daughter is well known for being very quiet and shy but her teacher brings out the best in her. A lot of people stopped me afterwards and said how surprised they were that she could project her voice so much.
I then spoke to Liam for quite a while, he is still not overstruck on New York, he is enjoying his time there but is not sure he would want to live there.
Well after an emotionally draining day today I am off to bed.
Take care xx

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  1. I'm glad your leg is starting to feel better and that your daughter made up with her friends alright, Tara!