Friday, 27 May 2016

Its been a long day!

Hello lovely people. Its been a very busy week but finally half term is here. We walked home from school today singing at the top of our voices and then stopped at the park because if the house wasn't cleaned tonight it didn't matter, we have all next week.  The final term of the school year is seven weeks and is action packed with fun activities like swimming, sports day and final performances from the soon to be leavers, it'll soon be here.

Next year my beautiful baby girl will be going into year six, the final year at primary school.  This seems impossible to believe.  It seems like no time at all since I realised that I had the little girl I really wanted and I spent the first night staring at her (whilst being told by the nurses to put her down for a sleep). I couldn't bring myself to put her down and I spent the whole night cuddling her.

I don't like the thought of her growing up but I am so proud of the young lady that she is turning into and I wouldn't change anything about her at all. She works hard, has good values and is always kind and thoughtful.

I stayed at school all day today, partly because I am still being careful with my leg and secondly I had a lot to do. So I only walked to and from school once today walking roughly four to five miles.

Whilst at work, I was talking to a lovely lady who after I commented on how she always seems to look so well dressed these days, explained that she has lost three and a half stone in the last nine months. She has done this fully on her own and by cutting down. I asked her what she ate now and she explained for breakfast she has an oat so simple porridge, for lunch she has a sandwich like ham and pickle a bag of French fries and a banana and then for tea something like a jacket potato with Tuna and salad. She told me how amazing she feels now and she truly looks amazing too. I intend to use her as inspiration to try to lose weight.

Well I am waiting to her from my darling Liam, he travelled to Connecticut for the first time today, I had a brief phone call from him whilst we were in the park telling me he had arrived safely and not to worry (Yes, I know he is a thoughtful boy). But now I am waiting to hear how it actually went. My friends went out for a drink together tonight but I couldn't bring myself to go in case I missed Liam's Skype.

I am going to sign off now, have a lovely evening
Take care xx

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  1. I'm glad your leg is feeling better and that you are "babying" it by only walking to and from school once during the day!

    Good luck with the diet, I have lost some weight this past week and I can feel it in the clothes too so it's not just wishful thinking.

    I hope Liam's CT visit is going well.

    Your kids still have 7 weeks of school! Mine are done on June 9th for high school, although my daughter will of course be taking 3 college classes over the summer and attending her Computer Coding camp and my son also has a very large book report and various graphs and maps to create for a college-level class that he will be taking in high school in the fall (but the book report is due on the first day of class). School starts again August 10th for us.