Saturday, 21 May 2016

Thank goodness for Airbnb

Hello dear friends, yet again I am sorry for being absent. The above words ring super true today.

A couple of days ago we were notified, after Liam's trip being booked for a few months, that one of the hotels that we had booked through a UK travel agents Liam would not be able to stay in because he is under 21, he was booked to stay there for his ten days in Connecticut unfortunately state law in Connecticut does not allow under 21's to stay in hotels alone.

We have spent the last three days desperately trying to find somewhere for him to stay finally today, two days before he flies to New York we managed to book an apartment for him to stay in. It is not in Connecticut but in New York and this means a little bit more travel for him backwards and forwards to the universities but there was a point that I thought the whole trip was going to be cancelled.

I am suffering from the biggest quandary, I am so glad we have somewhere for him to stay and that he is doing the trip that he has been planning and looking forward to for ages and yet from a selfish point of view I almost don't want him to go.

Hopefully nothing else will happen and my blogging will not be interrupted anymore as I have had several people ask me why I have stopped blogging. I haven't but sometimes things need to be done that get in the way.

We had a final meal together today, breakfast for dinner as I thought that was quite fitting. We are currently watching the FA cup final which is something we never do but today is all about Liam so football it is. (Go on Crystal Palace, I cannot bring myself to cheer on Man U)

My thirteen year old is on a real health kick at the minute, he has so far today done 100 sit ups, some weight and now gone for a run. I'm really hoping that his enthusiasm might wear off on me. Ha ha, yes I know I'm funny!
Or, you never know he might decide to start cooking really healthy foods for us, now wouldn't that be good.   He has been asked at school to join the athletics club after being chosen to do the high jump for sports day. He is very tall for his age so he has a very obvious advantage.

My eight year old is in the garden with his binoculars looking at the birds in the trees and then drawing them. I have promised him that if the weather is nice tomorrow I will take him to the local nature centre.

That's about all the news I have for today.

Have a wonderful Saturday, I am off to spend a lovely evening with my biggest boy.

Take care xxx


  1. How stressful that must have been for the two of you! I'm so sorry to hear that. Goodness, I would have never imagined that people under 21 couldn't stay in a hotel on their own. What? They're old enough to be sent overseas to kill other people but they can't rent a hotel room? That's madness. How he is going to get from NY to the colleges? By bus? I hope everything is OK now. If we were closer... but we're so far away from CT!

    How is your leg?

    Good job by your 13 y/o to have made the gym club, that's amazing! I laughed at your wistful tone when you talked about him cooking (healthy) for all of you, lol.

    Did you make it to the nature center today? Greg asked me to go on a walk all of a sudden this morning so we went on a nearby trail, hoping we would see gopher tortoises again. Well, we didn't see any but we saw owls, some kind of falcon, alligators, snapping turtles... and other things that I can't quite remember yet. It was amazing! I was super super happy to see the owls! I'll post pictures tonight.

    Take care, have a great week. I hope Liam's trip goes very well!

    1. Oh Nathalie it really was and it was just something that we hadn't expected. I'm so glad he didn't arrive or they would have turned him away. I completely agree if they are not old enough to rent a hotel room they certainly shouldn't be old enough to go to war!

      He is catching trains and buses, I guess he'll get to see the countryside. Thanks darling I would never put you in that position though, even if you were closer.:)

      My legs getting there, its better for not walking too much this weekend.

      I can't wait to see all your animal pictures I show the kids every day, they love them especially my eight year old.

      Thank you darling you have a good week too. I'll keep you updated xxx