Monday, 30 May 2016

Sundays Update

Hello, I thought I would pop in early this morning with an update of what we did yesterday.

We had Bens brother and mum come over for a barbecue, the first one of the year, when we woke up the sky was grey and threatened rain but as the day went on thankfully the clouds disappeared leaving a warm sunny afternoon.

The barbecue required quite a lot of cleaning as it had been left outside all winter, ah how hard would it have been to put it in the garage or put the cover over it!

We had a mixture of hot dogs, burgers, chicken and vegetable kebabs in warm pitta breads, new potatoes salad, salad and we also cooked a spatchcock chicken, it was delicious and we have a mountain of food left over (we didn't touch the chicken) so absolutely no cooking required at all  today. Yippee!

I spoke to Liam a few times yesterday, last night he went to the Yankee Stadium to watch a football (soccer) match. Which he seemed to really enjoy! He messaged me to let me know when he got back so I wouldn't worry (he is so thoughtful) and to tell me he was going to have frozen pizza for tea because he wasn't prepared to pay $27 on chicken strips and chips at the stadium. He also messaged me at 6.00am this morning to tell me they were having a terrible storm, so I guess he couldn't sleep.

After Bens family left yesterday and I had cleaned up, I sat talking to my youngest two boys, I looked at the eight year old and his eyes seemed strange, its difficult to explain but they seemed to be moving inadvertently, I said to him I thought he was over tired and he needed to have a lie in the following morning, his reply was if I do can I have scrambled egg, bacon and toast in bed. Yeah right!.
About ten minutes later he said to me that he had a terrible headache that was making him feel sick, we had run out of children's medicine so I ran to the shop to get him some calpol, neurofen and lemonade to settle his stomach, but I obviously didn't catch it in time as he was sick several times and his headache got worse, I spent the rest of the evening laying upstairs cuddling him until he finally went to sleep.

He seems ok this morning although he has said that he has a dull headache so today I have caught it early and given him some medicine before it amounts to anything.

We was planning today to take the children to a country park but the weather is not looking too good. Hopefully it will brighten up as the day goes on like yesterday.

Well I am off to make the children's breakfast.

As most people seem to have a bank holiday today, have a lovely day off whatever you are doing and take care xx


  1. You cooked for an army! But the good side effect, as you said, is that you didn't have to cook today so hooray!

    I hope your son feels better. Was he dehydrated? It sounds like he had a migraine. Was that the first time he had one?

    Liam sounds like he's having a good time and being a reasonable young man. I wish we had a storm here because my garden needs water really badly. I keep on holding off to water it because they predict storms and then the storms never come!

    Have a good rest of your break!

    1. We still have leftovers for today too. Yay!

      He is feeling better this morning, its not the first time its happened a few times this year. I agree I thought it was a migraine too. He seems to get them when he is stressed or if he hasn't eaten very much. (I've started trying to carry snacks for him)

      He is although I think he's a bit lonely Nathalie.

      You seem to miss out on the storms, they go on all around you. We had terrible rain last night and most of this morning. Xx