Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Tuesday treat!

Hello dear friends, how are you feeling today?

Earlier today I was feeling a little bit down. I spent all day at work again, because of my leg, in fairness it did me a favour as I had a lot of marking to complete.

After school my daughter had choir so I finished some photocopying that I needed to do. We then walked home. We got in at about Five o clock and the house was a big mess! So I spent the next hour frantically hovering, washing up, cleaning the kitchen and putting the ironing away. At this point I was beginning to feel a touch irritated. I sometimes feel like I do everything and everyone else just sits and watches. Do you ever feel like that?

I think my change in mood started to permeate around the house as my thirteen year old asked if I would like any help. My mood began to lighten a touch as he put everyone pants and socks away for me, he then gave me a kiss and told me he loves me. (Bless him, he will go far).

My thoughtful boy (it doesn't happen often so I will enjoy every minute of it)

I then dropped my daughter to brownies, she has been a bit tearful today, I think she may be becoming a little bit hormonal. Poor little girl.

When we got back from brownies I received a message from Liam saying we could Skype and we spent a lovely hour chatting. He showed me around his room and his view - the building opposite - only in New York ha ha.

Today he visited Columbus University, Macy's (he didn't buy anything, phew!) and then just chilled out in his hotel room as it was pouring with rain.

Now my mood is much happier.

I have found a bag online from an American store that I would really like to order for my daughter's birthday and have delivered to Liam's apartment when he arrives there. I have asked him and he is quite happy for me to do this but the bag works out more than I would normally spend but I think it would last her longer.

What do you think? It is $31 or $39 if you want it personalised. It has a matching lunch box and drinks bottle but if I bought her all three she wouldn't get anything else and I know there is a dress she would like. What is your opinion I think I might be getting carried away because I like my children to have different things to their school friends.
Well that's it from me for tonight as I have to go and pack up tomorrows lunches.
Have a nice evening and take care xx


  1. I'm glad he made it safely, Tara and also that you got to rest your leg. It was sweet of you 13 year old to offer to help when he saw you were upset. Of course it would be sweeter if the mess wasn't there in the first place but kids will be kids, won't they?!

    I like the backpack but I would caution against getting it embroidered with her name. Here they always say not to do that so sex offenders can't easily convince the kids that they know them or call them by their name and pretend that their parent asked them to pick the kids up. Still, loads of people do it anyway. I suppose that if she is the only one with that backpack, then I wouldn't need to have a name on it to distinguish it from a friend's and also it will save you some money. Plus it can probably be shipped faster so it's definitely get there before Liam leaves. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Thank you Nathalie, and yes I completely agree wouldn't it be nice if they didn't make the mess in the first place!
      I hadn't thought of the stranger danger thing, but yes that is so true and quite prolific around this area at the moment. The other thing hat I have also thought about is that I don't want Liam having to stay in waiting for a package so I might have to rethink that idea. Xx