Saturday, 30 July 2016

A lovely afternoon tea with family

Good evening, I hope you have had a fun Saturday whatever you have been doing.

Today is my darling mums birthday, Happy Birthday Mum. My lovely dad had decided to treat my mum, aunt, sister in law and myself to afternoon tea in a beautiful hotel.

 I spent this morning feeling a little bit stressed out, I always tend to feel like that if I am going out because I don't really have any going out clothes. I only have about twelve items in my wardrobe, 2 pairs of jeans, four pairs of black trousers for work, four tops and two jumpers all which are used for work. Finally I decided to wear a pair of black trousers and a beige top with beige boots. I felt a bit better once I had decided what to wear but then I panicked about not having any make up but my daughter came to the rescue and by the time my stunning sister in law picked me up I felt fairly presentable.

We had a lovely afternoon eating, drinking, laughing and chatting. It made such a nice change to spend the afternoon with my family and see my mum in a setting where she can relax and not worry about my dad.

After coming home I decided to go for a run, my youngest three came with me. It was the most difficult run I have done since the first one and I guess that's because I have not gone for the last three days. I think I will go out again tomorrow I want it to become easier.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Oh, I can so relate to stressing over not having anything to wear (that fits) when I go out! I'm glad you found something, though, and it sounded lovely.

    Glad also that your mom had a great time and that you did too! And you went running, what a champ.

    Have a great Sunday!

    1. Its horrible isn't it Nathalie, I know it probably sounds weird but I go out feeling so un-girly. Thank you, it looked ok.

      She had a lovely time and it was nice to see her enjoying herself, I can see the pressure taking its toll on her at the minute so it did her the world of good.

      You too xxx