Sunday, 24 July 2016

Oh yeah we went running!

Hello dear friends, well its Sunday and I don't have that Sunday feeling...

Ha, that's because I have five and a half weeks off!

Today, my darling daughter went to another party, this time to see the new BFG film and then to Pizza Express for dinner. That girl has so many lovely friends and such a good social life. I dropped her off this morning and then my nine year old son and I went over to see my mum and dad. Things have changed a bit with my dad recently and it looks like we are going to have quite a difficult summer.

When we arrived my dad asked me whether I would be able to go out next Saturday afternoon, it is my mums birthday on Sunday, my dad has decided to treat my mum, my sister in law, my aunt and myself to an afternoon tea at a hotel near the village where they live. Of course said yes! I'm very excited about it, the hotel is very pretty and it will be such a lovely treat.

After picking up my daughter and coming home we decided to go for a run, I was worn out, but the kids are very motivating and are insistent that we go every day to make us healthy (more like me healthy).

Today I have eaten:-
  • 2 slices of toast
  • Chicken breast cooked in a curried yoghurt
  • Bulghar wheat salad
  • Potato salad
  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumber
I have also drunk six glasses of water.

Tomorrow I intend to start a little bit of decluttering. I think I will start in the lounge as I have a box of old DVD's that I am going to put on Music Magpie. Everything penny that I make from the decluttering will be going towards paying for my daughters PGL trip in September. I feel bad because we haven't yet managed to pay for the trip and I don't want her missing out.

I guess decluttering will be solving two problems, one, helping to pay from my daughters trip. Two, reducing the amount of items that we own and have in the house hopefully resulting in it becoming easier for me to keep our house clean and tidy when I am back to work and working full time.

I think I will post before and after photo's of the whole house so that you can see what a difference I have made and I can look back on the changes.

Well that's it for today, have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. I'm sorry about your dad's situation, Tara. How sweet of him to plan that outing for you girls! I hope you enjoy every minute of it.

    I'm so impressed that you've been running (RUNNING! I couldn't run if I wanted to!) and that you drank 6 glasses of water. You're like a super heroin :)

    Enjoy your time off (it sounds like you're already doing that so just keep on doing it!).

    1. Ah thanks Nathalie, I will email you about what is going on with dad ask don't want to put all the details on here.

      I just want to check that your family are all ok, I have just heard about the teen night shooting in Florida, it awful. How can anyone target children or teenagers.

      I can't believe I'm running either, but I'm so fed up with feeling unwell. Yay I'm a heroin!


    2. Your comment was the first I had heard of it. I had just woken up and cooked Greg's breakfast and I was planning on going back to bed but I thought I'd check my email first. Good grief!

      Fort Myers is 4 hours away and my kids don't go to nightclubs so yeah, I'm pretty sure they're fine. Thanks for asking, though.

      I need to get back on my bike and watch what I eat too. But I have some baking to do this week so this might not happen yet. Have a great day, Tara.