Monday, 25 July 2016

Day one of the holidays


Hello, happy Monday.

This morning my darling daughter was meant to be starting a week of drama at the senior school she will be going to in just over a years time but they didn't cash our cheque for the course. I asked her this morning did she want to go because I would happily argue that they should have cashed the cheque but she said she would much rather spend the week with us as she has only just broken up. I was quite relieved as I didn't really fancy spending the week walking backwards and forwards.

I thought this morning I would do a list of things I would like to do today:-
  • Organise a menu plan for the week - done
  • Put two loads of washing on - one done
  • Start organising and cleaning the lounge - started
  • Shop for the weeks food - half done (I didn't have a pound coin for a trolley)
  • Put a load of DVDs on music magpie - done £32.00 into PGL fund
  • Read a couple of chapters of my book
  • Go to the park with the kids - done
  • Go for a run
  • Clean the kitchen - done
  • Do ten items of ironing - done
  • Hoover downstairs - done
  • Children to clean their bedrooms - done
  • Spend 30 mins cutting down the bushes in the garden - done
Normally when I'm doing a large clean up and organise I would spend a week on each room but this time I only have five and a half weeks to do this in (the last week has two teacher training days in it) so I need to do two rooms a week, the rooms in our house are :-

  • Lounge
  • Playroom
  • Kitchen
  • Conservatory
  • Hall
  • Downstairs toilet
  • My bedroom
  • Daughters bedroom
  • Two eldest boys bedroom
  • Two youngest boys bedrooms
  • Bathroom
  • Garage
  • Spend 30 mins cutting down the bushes in the garden
So the plan is to do a large room with a small room so this week it is the lounge and the hall. The focus for the next couple of days is to declutter, less is more! And the only way life is going to become easier for me is if we have less stuff to tidy up.

Meal Plan

Monday - Hot dogs and salad

Tuesday - Shepherds Pie and veg

Wednesday- Chicken, roast potatoes, carrots, broccoli, Yorkshire pudding and gravy

Thursday - chicken, buckwheat salad

Friday - breakfast for dinner

Saturday - Mexican lamb and roasted veggie couscous

Sunday - steak, new potatoes and salad

Oh dear I'm being pestered to go for a run and I've only just eaten and my legs are a bit sore from yesterday, but I don't think I'm going to get out of this and really although I only have a target of going for a run three times a week the sooner I get the three times done the more chance there is that I will pass my target.

Picture Updates

Fun at the park

Box of DVDs sold on Ziffit to go towards paying for my daughters school trip

Todays healthy lunch - Chicken salad pitta with new potatoes and apple.

Well that's it from me for today, I am off to have a run with the kids. ***update - run done but just me and my nine year old, the other two wimped out***

Now I am going to have a bath, a face mask and read my book.

Take care xx


  1. Sounds like you were both relieved by the decision not to attend drama camp... she gets to relax, you get not to have to do all that walking AND you're saving money too! I hope you can cancel and get your check back!

    Look at your selling stuff to raise money! Good going!

    The playground looks very similar to one my youngest son and I used to visit in Lakeland, about an hour away. They had one of the saucer swings too. He and his friends had so much fun with it!

    I'm impressed by how organized you are during your vacation! Summer, for me, is all about NOT being organized but then I spend the summer complaining about how nothing is getting done, hahaha.

    Don't overdo it with the running! Make sure to stretch before and after running so you don't pull a muscle!

    1. Hi Nathalie, I think they have lost my chequer because when I rang them they had no record of it but I have cancelled it with the bank anyway.

      I have to raise £305.00 so a long way to go but still its a start, I put a surplus peeve of furniture on Ebay today too.

      I'll be a bit sad when mine are too old to go to the park. Its nice to sit in the sun and watch them having fun. Do you miss it?

      Ha ha, that's funny! I guess this year I feel more pressure to get organised because I know I'm not going to have a lot of time once I go back to work.

      I will stretch, I haven't been. My legs ache a bit today but not too bad and I've lost 3lb this week. Xx