Friday, 29 July 2016

Hormonal or just irritated by people?

Happy Friday, I hope you are having a really nice day.
I have to admit to feeling a touch irritated today. For several days Ben has been asking me to pick up his repeat prescription for his diabetes medication, so this morning I trotted off to the doctors surgery only to be advised I couldn't pick up his prescription because I didn't have the correct paperwork but that he could pop in and pick it up after work. I rang and advised him this and after work he went into the surgery only to be told they didn't know what I was talking about! Eventually they gave him his prescription and we got his medication but I was most upset that I had wasted my time and that they made me look like I was a complete liar. That's why I changed my doctors surgery several years ago!
Any how enough moaning, we went into town today and got my thirteen year olds hair cut and then went to find a present for my mum. My nine year old son found her present he picked it up and yelled "Mum, I think nana would really like this".  I think he is right so I bought it, it is a white waterfall light weight jacket that she can wear over anything and it won't be too warm. My mum is very self conscious about her arms being thin so I think she will love this gift.
We spent a couple of hours in town looking at uniform for the start of the new term, but didn't actually buy anything. I struggle to get my thirteen year old uniform because he is very tall, thin and has very long arms so the schoolwear shop does not actually do blazers that fit his arm length. I think I will have to buy him a mens jacket and sew the school badge onto it.
Today, the unit that I had on Ebay sold for £5.00, the lady that has bought it is picking it up tomorrow so then my lounge will be clear of everything that shouldn't be in there. I asked the buyer to put the money into our PayPal account rather than pay cash because then I can pay anything that I earn directly off my daughters school trip account.
I listed a further four items on Ebay today so fingers crossed that they sell.
I was looking forward to going running tonight and just as we were getting ready the rain came pouring down and because I run with my nine year old I was concerned about him slipping over so we decided for the third night in a row not to go. We have been running three times this week but I really wanted to go tonight so I think weather permitting we will go first thing in the morning as I know I'm not going to want to go after my mums afternoon birthday tea.
Have a lovely evening, take care xx

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  1. Happy birthday to your mom!

    Do you think that perhaps Ben talked to a person from a different shift since you went in the morning and he went after work? Still, how annoying. What paperwork could you possibly have needed? Maybe they didn't want to give you medication for someone else? It's very annoying! My daughter turns 18 in a month and, according to American privacy laws, I won't have the right to know anything about her health unless she signs a release form allowing me access to her records. So if she needs a copy of a physical for school, I won't be able to just go to the pediatrician and ask for a copy of the form showing that she had a physical. They won't give it to me, even though I'm her mom, she still lives at home and I'm the one who paid for the visit. It's going to be weird since she's only a senior in high school and will still be living at home until she goes to college next year! I don't know if I'll be able to drop off and pick up her prescriptions if she needs some. I guess I've picked up Greg's before (I think?!) but I don't know if I'd need some paperwork allowing me to do that. It's all very annoying.

    I hope you get to run tomorrow morning! How exciting that you're actually excited about it! Good for you, Tara! I'm proud of you.

    Well done selling that piece of furniture. I hope your other stuff sells well too!