Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sundays weekly round up

Good morning, the sun is shining outside and it looks like its going to be a bright sunny day - How delightful!

I thought today I would give you a round up of what we have done this week.

Exercise and weight loss

I have run four times this week, we ran early this morning. It hasn't been very far and only takes about fifteen/twenty minutes and I run two lamp post lengths then walk a lamp post length and just keep repeating the cycle. I was told by one of the PE teachers that come into the school that running for a bit and then walking helps to speed up your metabolism.

I have lost (weight for it, ha ha, sorry I couldn't resist the pun) 8lb. I am really pleased with this as I have eaten very well all week much better than I normally eat. It helps that I haven't been at work because I've had time to eat breakfast and lunch. I normally don't have breakfast and I rush lunch in fifteen minutes but I'm hoping that I can get so organised by the time that we go back to school that I can eat breakfast and have a healthy lunch prepared.

I have also been reducing the amount of coffee that I drink. I used to drink about eight cups a day and I have reduced it down to mostly one with a second in the afternoon at weekends. I am now drinking about five or six glasses of water a day.

Cleaning and organising completed

Lounge and hallway - big huge tick


What do you think?

There is still a box with items inside that I have put on Ebay next to the unit but that's just for the ease of packaging to send off to the buyers.

I am also working my way through washing and ironing everything. I have concentrated on my thirteen year olds clothes this week because he is taking quite a lot away with him. Yes, I know I'll have to do it again when he gets back...

Items sold and money earn

DVD's and books sold on Ziffit - £35.10 (this is the items already sent - there is more to go)
Unit and trainers sold on Ebay -£7.50
Books sold on Facebook sales - £4.00

Total £46.60

I need to make £305 by the end of the holiday to pay for my daughters school trip

=258.40 to go.

I have also saved additional money on shopping this week but as I've not actually made money it can't go into the saving fund.

Things done for me!

  • Running
  • Face and hair mask - done after todays run
  • Afternoon tea with my mum, my aunt and my sister in law
  • Nails filed (I might borrow one of my daughters nail varnishes later and paint them)
That's it for this weeks round up. I'm quite pleased with what I have achieved. Its Sunday and I don't have that Sunday evening feeling which is great, tomorrow I will give you a run down of next weeks plans.

Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. You are AMAZING! What a great job you have done on everything! I'm so proud of you for that weight loss because I know it's not as easy as you make it sound.

    Oh boy, 8 cups of coffee a day?! Of course, if it's 8 tiny cups like in France (instead of meaning 8 oz), it's not that much, he he he.

    Your lounge looks so clean and streamlined. Is that your backyard that we can see through the window behind the couch? It looks nice. You have trees so you should be seeing birds, right?

    I hope you have another great week, Tara!

    1. Thank you darling.

      You are so right its not that easy but for the first time in a long time Nathalie my head is in the right place.

      Ha ha, no they were the large ones and yes I was hanging from the walls by the end of the day.

      Thanks I'm pleased with it I've just got to stop people from bringing stuff down and leaving it down here!

      Yes that's the garden and yes we have five large trees in our garden and we do get birds, my nine year old has binoculars because he absolutely loves birds and likes to draw them.

      I hope you have a great week too Nathalie xxx