Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Dentist day!

Hello, I hope you are having a nice day.

First thing this morning I sat down to a coffee and a healthy breakfast. I am trying to limit the amount of coffee that I drink by having just one cup in the morning and drinking water the rest of the day.

At lunchtime today the children had the dentist, it didn't go as well as expected because my thirteen year old had a bad throat and couldn't go and my youngest son had a nose bleed in the chair so couldn't be seen either. The other two were fine. My daughter will need to see the orthodontist but still has too many baby teeth to go down that road yet. The dentist commented on how clean they keep their teeth! Yeah right, only through nagging!

I have continued to load books and DVD's onto Ziffit and have made a further £5.00.

I have also put this unit onto Ebay for £5.00 to see if anyone is interested in it. I had to empty the bottom drawer before I could list it and it was full of wires. I hate sorting through wires because I never know which ones we are likely to need but I have asked Ben a couple of times and he doesn't seem very interested so here goes!

I decided to wrap them in circles and seal them with sellotape so they are nice and neat and I will ask Ben if he will just tell me what we need and what we don't.

As I told you yesterday I am decluttering and cleaning the lounge this week I thought I would show you what cleaning is involved in this deep clean.

  • Take everything out of drawers, cupboards etc. Throw, sell whatever is not needed and make a permanent home for the items to remain
  • Wash inside windows and doors
  • Take everything off walls and dust
  • Vacuum corners of walls, wash any marks off walls
  • Vacuum sofa and wash cushions
  • Dust wooden furniture
  • Wash skirting boards
  • Clean TV unit
  • Wash fireplace
  • Clean mirror
  • Vacuum and wash floors
  • Make a list of anything that needs repairing or replacing
Well as I'm still decluttering I haven't achieved much else yet but it will be lovely to sit in once it is all done.

Here's the first box of stuff ready to send off.
I have lost 3lb this week from trying to change my eating, drinking water and running twice so far this week. I have a few things to do this evening but if I get chance I would like to go running again. I haven't been stretching the last couple of days but Nathalie reminded me this morning that I must do this or I will pull a muscle so from now on I will.
Have a great evening and take care xx