Thursday, 28 July 2016

Good Morning, Do you have lots planned for today?

I am just waiting for my lovely nine year old to come out of the shower so that I can hop in. I haven't had breakfast yet because I'm not too sure what to have if I had mushrooms I would have a mushroom omelette but I don't so should I have a tomato omelette or some fruit? Argh decisions!

Ok, shower done now breakfast time, I think I will clean the kitchen and then make a tomato omelette as I really need to use up two eggs and I don't want them to be food waste.

I am in a bit of a dilemma, I can't decide whether to get my thirteen year olds hair cut today or tomorrow. He is going into town tomorrow with his friends anyway and that way he can have it cut and then go off with his friends while I go off and pick up a couple of little presents for him and my mums birthday present. Or whether to go today so that he can walk into town with his friends tomorrow and his hair is cut for his cadets barbecue tonight, I can also pick up a sewing kit and another green t-shirt that really needs to go in his case.  I just don't know and I hate making decisions!

I decided to clean out the cupboard under the stairs today and go into town early  tomorrow morning with my son and then leave him to enjoy the day with his friends and if the weathers nice take the little ones to the park and maybe even have a picnic in town. The sewing kit and green shirt can go in his day sack which goes with him on Wednesday.

From sorting out the cupboard under the stairs I have thrown a big bag of things away, got a bag of items for the charity shop and loaded about eight items on Ebay (hopefully resulting in more money going into my daughters school trip fund).

The unit that I put on Ebay the other day has a bid, it finishes tomorrow and is currently at £5.00, it all adds up, doesn't it!

My eldest son Liam gave me a really good idea today, as I'm not actually buying my fourteen year old very much he suggested I make him up a box with all things he can put in his day sack and take on his camp. They suggest that the kids should take snacks with them even though there is a naafi to buy from so I am going to do a box that has his few gifts in but surrounded by pretzels, nuts, Pringles, sweets, biscuits, milkshakes and drinks. Together with some money in an envelope for the cadets bank that they can use to buy stuff at the naafi.

This week I went shopping on Monday to the local Aldi, I spent £32.00 and I have since spent a further £10.00 at ASDA mainly on items for my son to take to camp. I do need to do another shop at Aldi to last the weekend, I think I will do this when I go and pick my son up from cadets tonight.
Have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. Hmm, that omelet looks good! It was the first time I had heard of a "NAAFI" and I had to look it up. Here, I think it would be called a commissary. I'm sure your son will be delighted with his box!

    1. It was tasty actually Nathalie. Ha ha I had never heard of a Naafi either before he started. I'm sure he will be shopping at the Naafi a fair bit, that boy is always hungry!