Wednesday, 27 July 2016

I feel like an extreme couponer!

Hello, I hope you have had a lovely day so far today.

We have been busy, the decluttering of the lounge was finished yesterday so today we cleaned!

  • We washed the walls
  • Washed the skirting boards
  • Washed the doors, door handles and light and plug fixtures
  • Washed the window
  • Vacuumed the sofas and put leather feed on them
  • Cleaned the TV stand
  • Washed the fireplace
  • Polished the wood
  • Washed the staircase
  • Vacuumed the floors
  • Washed the floor
  • Washed the cushion covers

Clean windows but I think I need to cut some bushes down!
Unfortunately the weather wasn't nice enough to wash the curtains so I still need to do this, I also need to wash the lampshade and clean the mirror. Then the lounge will be complete and I will take photos.

I have been so busy cleaning today that I haven't put any items on Ebay so I will focus on that tomorrow.

My thirteen year old is fourteen next week. He was given an option of either birthday presents or to go on the army cadets ten day summer camp which cost £100, he chose the summer camp. He leaves the day after his birthday, but his suitcase and his large backpack has to be delivered to the army cadets office tomorrow, which is fine because he has a cadets barbecue anyway. This afternoon we packed his bags which I must admit it was quite stressful because he can get a bit stroppy and isn't particularly good at finding his things.

We went to the shop this afternoon to get a few items and I had printed some ASDA price guarantee coupons yesterday. I bought:-

  • Large bag of Apples
  • Two bags of crisps
  • Yorkshire puddings
  • Bag of potatoes
  • Toilet wipes (for my son to take to camp)
  • Kitchen rolls
  • Plastic bag
This cost me 6p, I was very pleased!

Then this evening I had to pop back to the shop as my son needed bin liners in his case and I had run out.  This time I bought:-

Loaf of bread - 10p
2x4 jacket potatoes - 10p each
2x packs of mango fingers (for breakfast) -10p each
Bin bags £2.40
Deodorant for Ben £1.50 reduced from £3.00
2x4 pints milk 10p each
Pack toasting waffle (my thirteen year old asked for these for breakfast and as he is going away I agreed) -£1.25
Orange squash juice 40p
Total - £6.25

Again another pretty good shop, I think.

Because of the rain I haven't been running tonight which is a bit of a shame really.

Well that's it from me for one night, I'm starting to feel a bit sleepy

Take care xx


  1. You got amazing deals today! I'm jealous of your energy for doing all that cleaning. I feel that apart from the grocery shopping all I did was sit on my butt today (and truly.. that's all I did!) and now it's only 9:20 p.m. and I'm ready to go to bed already!

    Well done, Tara!

    1. I did didn't I, so proud of myself. I don't believe tat you did nothing but sit on your butt, remember I see you to do list! Ha ha ha xxx