Monday, 1 August 2016

What do we have ahead of us this week?

Hello, happy Monday. I hope you had a lovely weekend.

This week is quite a busy one for us, tomorrow my gorgeous thirteen year old is fourteen and we have my lovely mum coming over during the day to see him and then my brother and sister in law over in the evening to see him.

Then, on Wednesday he goes off on his ten day camp. He is very excited about this more so than for his birthday. It will seem very strange without him as we often sit together and have nice chats. I will miss our chats and him very much but he will be getting involved in lots of fun activities that will challenge him and I know he will thoroughly enjoy himself. He is much more adventurous than I have ever been.

This weeks cleaning challenge is the children's playroom and the downstairs toilet. I am also planning on cleaning out a couple of the kitchen cupboards each day so that when it comes to working on the kitchen it will be a fairly quick job.

I have already made a start this morning because I know I wont want to do much tomorrow other than spend the day celebrating with my son and family.


These photos are of the freshly scrubbed hall that I forgot to post yesterday.


And here is the toilet that is now fully cleaned. I do have a curtain up at the window but that has been put in the wash.

I have made a start on the playroom, we are removing all the toys from the playroom now as the children are getting older and just seem to either watch TV or play the Xbox in there.  I have had a chat with the children and they want to keep their Lego, their cars, their games and card games but the rest they are happy to get rid of.

I have put a few items on Facebook sales and someone has just asked doe one of the items, they are hoping to pick them up tonight. I sold it for £2.00 which is quite cheap but they are items that I would get rid off so I'm happy to make any money to go towards my daughters trip.

I have also sold two more pairs of the little ones old trainers on Ebay today for £13.00, and £4.00. Yay its mounting up.

I have also cleaned out two kitchen cupboards today.

Everything taken out, can you see the toothbrush above that was used to scrub the corners.

Then everything was neatly returned. I checked the date on everything and sadly had to chuck away a couple of packs of flour and some baking powder.

I need to label the flour that I put in the glass jar.

I didn't get anything out of the freezer today for tea, partly because Ben had a bad stomach last night an I wasn't too sure what he would fancy eating and secondly because I was so busy cleaning that I lost track of the time. I will probably have to pop to the shop later.

We had some good news today, earlier this year Ben was told that no pay rises would be given this year but he found out today that they have decided to give pay rises so we will be a little bit better off. Big huge yay!

Here's my attempt at a menu plan for this week.

Tuesday - some form of birthday tea

Wednesday - Chicken fillet, new potatoes and veg

Thursday - Gammon steak with pineapple, egg. Chips, mushrooms and tomato

Friday - lasagne and garlic bread

Saturday -  Panini's

Sunday - Chicken, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, Sweetcorn, French beans

Well I have just been for a run even though it was raining, are you impressed?

That's about it for today, take care xx


  1. Yes, I am impressed!

    I told my 14 year-old son at dinner tonight that you and your 14 year-old have nightly CONVERSATIONS and his reply was "Oh, those British people! Don't you remember that we had a big war so we wouldn't do what they do?!" Greg and I burst out laughing and also it was the most he had spoken in several days!

    I have yet to write up a menu for the week. I'll do that tomorrow, I'm far too tired to do it tonight.

    Great job on the cleaning. I can't believe that you took everything out and cleaned the corners with a toothbrush! You're really putting me to shade. I've had "clean the kitchen cabinets" on my to-do list for a couple of months now and I only mean "Wipe down the doors to the cabinets", lol. My cabinets are ancient (from the 70s, I think) and I had repainted them in 2004 but now they're all dingy again. I need to give them a good scrubbing and they should be replaced, but I'd settled with repainting them if I didn't know what a pain in the butt it was.

    Happy birthday to your son and I hope he enjoys his camp!

    Take care, Tara.

    1. Please tell your son he should talk more he is hilarious. My sons said to tell yours it not by choice he can't shut me up! Cheek!

      Ooh no, I hate painting wood I always get runs!

      Its been a lovely day.

      You take care too Nathalie xxx

  2. well done with the cleaning, my cleaning is on hold at the moment as next week we get our new gas fire fitted and thermostats on all the radiators so furniture etc will need to moved out of the way. Happy birthday for your son, have a lovely day. We seem to eat the same meals every day as there is only the two of us and the two cats, the only day which is a different meal is thursday, depending what Tesco have on offer that week, Jo x

    1. That'll be lovely for the winter Jo. Thank you, we have had a really nice day.

      That must make it much easier for shopping, the kids and I could probably get away with that but Ben gets bored. I think we should just have a tablet so we don't have to cook or eat. Haha xx

  3. I have been meaning to tell you how impressed I am with your many successes....the running, the purging, the selling on-line, and of coarse all the cleaning you have been doing since your summer break started. I am most impressed with your courage in showing the before pictures, as well as the after pictures. Of course it helps that your before pictures are not messy like mine are. I have posted only two before shots in the past, and then was immediately filled with regret for what everyone must have thought about the mess. But....truth and honesty and all of that. *laugh* Besides it makes a "WOW" presentation in the after shot. You are doing a wonderful job. And Happy Birthday to your son.

    1. Thank you Susan. Ha if you notice I haven't been brave enough to post my before and after weight loss photos though. Mind you not that I actually look any different yet.

      You wait till you see the before photos of the kids bedrooms then you will be shocked - my kids are messy!

      Your so right if it is messy before you do get a real wow factor and its great to look back on. Last summer holidays I posted my fourteen year olds before and after bedroom photos and every so often I show him and say see look how lovely it looked. I just get a snort in reply but it amuses me.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes it has been a lovely day xxx