Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Christmas Update

Hi dear friends.

Ooh that c word is getting closer very quickly.

This weeks cleaning is bedroom number 2 which is my daughters room and I have to admit this could actually take me longer than a week. Why? I hear you ask. Because whilst she is fairly tidy, she is not particularly clean. She has make up on things that they really should not be on and she has a lot of STUFF!

Luckily my cleaning plan allows for more than one week to be spent on an area if needed. If I had the time I would actually paint this room but instead I will have make do with washing the walls, washing the curtains and the bedding. I do have Christmas bedding for the children but I won't put this on until December.

I have already made leek and potato soup for the freezer this week as this is always very hearty and warming on a cold evening. By the way it is getting cold quickly around these parts, one of my little men asked me to get his gloves out today brrrr!

So this week I think I will try and get some cheap fruit and make an apple crumble and I know my mother in law has some rhubarb going spare so a rhubarb crumble too for the freezer.

The extra shopping that I am going to buy this week are chocolates for the Christmas tree. These are a treat for the children when they get in from school the week before we break up so I do buy quite a few of these.
This weeks Christmas present that I am going to buy is for my sweet man and I am going to get him some shaving cream and eau de toilette that he is running out of.

I thought this week it would be nice to show you some presents, so here is what I have for my daughters stocking so far.

And I wrapped them today.

And here are the first few main presents that I have bought her.

I really hope you planning is coming along well.

Take care


  1. Oh my goodness. I love, love this Christmas update. You are well on your way. I feel like I have done little so far this year in preparing for the Season. I have not started my extra food shopping. I am still trying to get my grandkids' Advent Calendars ready. I try to buy stuff throughout the year, but this year I bought very little. I only just dragged out my gift trunk a couple of weeks ago and started to wrap and make packages for what I have. I have discovered that I still have a lot to get. I have six grand children times 24 little presents each, so I try to keep the costs down as much as possible. I love to see what other people buy or make as stocking stuffers to give me some more ideas. Those are some lovely gifts you have for your daughter. She is bound to love them.

    1. Oh Susan Thank you so much, I had completely forgotten about the advent calendars. How lovely that you do the calendars for each of your grandchildren. So do you put gifts in each one? I normally buy a couple of tubs of sweets and put one of them in each and then a lottery scratch card in number 24. Then whoever wins shares it with their brothers and sisters so they normally buy a game they can play together. I find my daughter much easier to buy stocking fillers for than the boys. I normally end up with too much for her and not enough for the boys. I hope you get lots of bargains for your calendars xx

  2. I love that bedding, it looks very cozy and warm. Poor little kids who already require gloves! I remember having to wait outside during our 2-hour lunch period when I was in middle school and high school in France and we were freezing!

    As Susan said, you are well on your way to getting Christmas "done" before the Advent even starts! Good for you!

    Save some leek and potato soup for me, will you? Hmmm, I love it!

    1. Hi Nathalie, We have the bedding in all different colours pink, blue and red depending on who its for. It is very warm because its like a flannelette material.

      I'm running out of ideas for things to cook and freeze but I do like soup as a quick meal when its cold. Xx