Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Christmas Update

Hello again, we are back to another Christmas update.

Last week I told you that the room I would be Working on getting Christmas clean would be my daughters room and that this would probably take two weeks, guess what? I was right it is definitely going to take two weeks.  We have made a start but we are not getting very far, very quick.

This weeks extra meal that I am going to cook will be a beef and onion in gravy with a mashed potatoes topping similar to a shepherds pie but with braising teak instead of mince. This is a new recipe but seems like it would be quite hearty and warming, so I hope it works.

The baking that I intend to do this week is a coffee and walnut cake as my sweet man loves this and he only treats himself to cake occasionally.

The present that I am going to buy this week will be for my darling mum, and I intend to buy her a nice warm jumper and a good book.  I have also bought my daughter another dress, its long and flowing and I know she will love it.

I do need to start getting some ideas for boys soon though, but girls are just so much easier to buy for.

Have fun and take care!


  1. Well done! You're doing well! Do you have a chest freezer to store your prepared meals? I got an email from Martin at MSE today few deals on there and think supermarkets have some deals on toys but not sure if anything on there for your boys. X

  2. Thanks Em, No I have an American style fridge/freezer in my garage that I don't use that often so its perfect for storing Christmas foods. Thanks that's great I will have to keep an eye out. I find it hard buying for the boys because having four they tend to have most things. Xx