Friday, 16 October 2015

wow, what a busy day!

Hello friends,

Ha, it is 10.30pm and the first time I have sat down today!

So it was a busy, hectic but hilarious day at work today where I spent the majority of it breathlessly laughing in the corner whilst the children looked at me as if I had gone mad. But hey you have to enjoy your job don't you.

This was followed by a fast walk home and turning my littlest sweet boy into a blood sucking vampire.

Rushing him up to the first school disco. Rushing back home to get my next sweet boy that is too cool to wear anything but a mohork ready and turn my sweet girl into medusa with a death stare.

Rush off to pick sweet boy four up from his disco, then drop sweet boy three and sweet girl off to her disco. Drive sweet boy one to his night job at the local supermarket, have a quick chat with a colleague about our day and the back to pick them back up from their disco.

Oh to find out that my daughter told one of my colleagues that mummy has serious road rage because I shouted at the lights for taking ages to change whilst I was rushing.

Finally home and time for a quick post and then bed!

Take care


  1. The kids are so cute! You must be exhausted, poor Tara. LOL, yelling at the traffic lights. Why is it that they always manage to be all reds when we're in a rush?!

    Did the kids have fun at their dances?

  2. Thanks Nathalie. They loved there disco's and all had a great time, it was the first time my one that didn't dress up had gone for a couple of years (he is the one that has all the problems) and I was surprised he wanted to go, but this is the first time he has been in the same one as his sister so I think he felt more comfortable about it.

    Argh, lights they drive me mad. I think they know when you are rushing and find it funny to hold you up lol. Xx