Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday update 11.10.15

Hi, is it really Sunday already?

I have had another productive day, are you ready? This is what I have done today.

  1. Two loads of washing
  2. Hovered upstairs
  3. Dusted upstairs
  4. Wiped down the bathroom
  5. Took the boys for haircuts
  6. Packed up six lunches
  7. Made leek and potato soup for tea, lunch tomorrow and twelve portions to freeze for Christmas
  8. Helped the kids with their homework
  9. Read with the kids
  10. Bathed the kids
Didn't I do well!

I haven't been monitoring how much we have been spending on food for the last two weeks but I will be starting that again tomorrow, so next Sunday we will be doing a spending update again. Sorry I have let this slip.

Now whilst sweet man and sweet boy 2 are watching something I am really not keen on I am going to disappear upstairs and have a bath. Unfortunately I don't have a good book to read.

Take care


  1. Wow that's a lot you must be cream crackered! Like you say though you go to bed feeling like you've achieved lots! My day was fairly similar which meant my two girls complained about being bored even though we went to Noah's Ark Zoo yesterday! Such as life!

  2. Hi Em83 Its really nice to have you visit. I have let a few things at home go over the last couple of weeks because so much has been happening and mess stresses me out so it was time to get on top of it. I hadn't heard of Noahs ark zoo so I just looked it up, it looks lovely. I find with my kids the more we do the more they want to do. Xx

  3. Arrgh stop it, you make the rest of us look really bad, LOL! I spent the whole day on the internet, reading crap. I did do last night's dishes though :) I hope you enjoy your bath, even without a book!

    1. Ha ha. Yay for doing the dishes. Mine are sitting outside at the moment argh! I did enjoy the bath it was nice and warm xx

  4. That's so true about them wanting to do more! It always feels good to get back on top of things! It's great zoo near Bristol we're lucky that we live in the town next to it.

    I'm enjoying your Christmas posts well done you with five children. You should feel very proud!

    1. I have never been to Bristol, we are in Essex so our local zoo is Colchester which is nice.
      I'm so glad you are enjoying the Christmas posts, I love Christmas so I am enjoying doing them. Because I have five kids I have to be organised, it is much more difficult with the older two now as I'm not sure what to buy them. Xx