Saturday, 17 October 2015

saturday update

Good afternoon.

Its very cold today and when the weathers like this I just want to snuggle under a cover and either watch movies or read a book.

But I really haven't been lazy all day here is a list of the things I have done today
  • Two loads of washing
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Swept downstairs
  • Washed the floors downstairs
  • Cleaned the downstairs bathroom
  • Organised dinner
  • Cleaned the mirrors downstairs
I need to get the children to do there homework but I think I might let them of today and get them to do it in the morning.

The children only have four days at school next week and then its half term unfortunately I have to work on the Friday and it looks like we have to have training at a different school.

I just went to make a coffee on request of two of the male members in my house and I thought, I know, I bought some chocolate biscuits this morning we can all have a couple with our coffee.  I open the cupboard not only to find someone has already opened them but three quarters of the pack have already been eaten so do you know what they with their coffee? Not a thing greedy pair! How do I know its them I hear you ask? Because they are the only ones that can eat them! And it certainly wasn't me!
When I drop my son to work tonight I think I will have to get another pack and HIDE them.

Have a lovely relaxing evening.


  1. LOL, that's not being lazy, Tara! Not doing a darn thing and staying in your PJs all day, that's being lazy. I'm very lazy today. Can I get some of your energy?! I don't even have the excuse that it's cold!

    Oh, I get so annoyed when things get eaten before I can even turn my back! I hide things too because if they all see that I have bought extra boxes or bags of snacks, they eat them twice as fast! Pity that I never think of buying snacks for me and having someone else hide them so I don't find them, lol.

    Those cookies look good... why can't the other family members have them? Do you deal with food allergies or do they just not like them?

  2. Oh I meant to write reach them lol, they can all eat them but I keep all my snacks on the top shelf of my cupboard and the little ones cant reach them.
    Oh I need things hidden from me too Nathalie lol

  3. getting there with budget and you are organised with housework ! erm , my spending hasn't gone to plan this week with the last minute trip to Blackpool but it was worth it :-) We have a goody box in our house which is an old bread bin, what is in there we share and we have a goody tin each and once it's gone then we have to wait till thursday ( pay day & shopping day!) x

  4. Hi Jo, sorry I missed your message, do you know I would happily for go being organised to have a break away. Good for you I hope you had a good time. Good idea about the goodie tin and waiting to get more. I think I am going to make cakes and cookies today xx