Sunday, 18 October 2015

sunday spending

Hi, so this week I have managed to keep a spending update.

14.10.15 Lidl £45.00
16.10.15 co-op £12.00
17.10.15 ASDA £47.00

Total £104.00

Four pounds over our target of £100.00, which I am quite happy about. Its easy enough to make that up over the next couple of weeks.

Now just for a little chat, here are the things I have done today
  • Hovered upstairs
  • Two loads of washing
  • Cooked a roast dinner Yum
  • Packed three lunches for tomorrow- my daughter is having a school dinner
  • Sat with my youngest whilst he completed his maths homework
  • Bathed all the children

The other thing that I have done today is organised a homework routine with my second eldest son.

We discussed that he had a maths homework - linear equations to complete. He was not fully confident with this so we sat together completing the worksheet until he fully understood and managed to finish the sheet accurately on his own.

He also had science revision sheets to complete for a test on Tuesday. This had a suggested time of an hour to complete. This took us six hours and we still have to go over this again tomorrow evening so that he is confident and comfortable when he goes into the test.

He has Spanish revision sheets for a test also on Tuesday, we have not had time to do this so this is something we need to work on tomorrow. This is a subject I find difficult to help with as I don't speak Spanish.

He has an Art homework that has to be in on Wednesday, this is to complete a fact file about  mythical creature including a life like drawing and information written in your own words. This has a recommended two hour time slot and will have to be done Tuesday when the tests are over. He has already chosen to do big foot.

He has a history homework that luckily doesn't have to be in until the 2nd November which is to create a mind map on why World War 1 started to help with a controlled assessment.

He will have more homework given o him this week but luckily as we have half term next week we can fit in some fun time too. Whilst doing his maths homework he let me in on a little secret a young girl in his class had sent him a message the night before telling him she really liked him. Bless!


  1. I'm amazed that you can help your kids with their math homework. Linear equations?! I don't even know what that is. Ugh, I've always hated math.

    You see a lot today! You must be exhausted. So sweet that your son confided in you about the note he received :) How old is he?

  2. He is thirteen, bless him. I feel very lucky Nathalie. I learnt Linear equations when my eldest was doing his GCSE's so that I could help him and its come in useful again. There you go something to learn ha ha xx