Thursday, 31 March 2016

Back after a break

Hello dear friends I am back. I took a few days off from blogging for a couple of reasons:-

  • I have got really behind on my house and had a mountain of ironing to do, after five days of ironing I am almost there.
  • I have been feeling a bit low recently and did not want to put my depressive feelings onto anyone else.
  • My eight year old had a bit of a health scare, he found lump somewhere a little boy should not have lump and after an awful evening at the hospital and several doctors appointments, it turns out the lump was an abscess and thanks to my doctors suggestion to try antibiotics before seeing a surgeon the lump has now nearly gone.
So, here I am back in the blogging world and starting to feel much more positive about things.

We are on school holidays, and as I have just said I have washed and ironed pretty much constantly for the last five days.

I have also started to organise the children's school things. We now have three hooks on the door of our cupboard under the stairs for school bags, swimming bags and PE bags.

I could not fit a fourth peg for my thirteen year old school stuff but I am thinking about putting hooks on his bedroom door for his.

When we go back to school it will be the summer term so the children will have swimming lessons, cricket lessons so I need to organise who has what and on which days. I currently don't have a calendar so I am deciding whether to buy one or whether to print out a monthly calendar, frame it and put it in the playroom.

Something similar to this, what do you think?

I haven't arranged a menu plan for this week, I did a large shop at the weekend that included the usual chicken breasts and minced beef which seems to be a regular team for us. We used the chicken breasts of fajitas which we had for dinner last night and finished up for lunch today. I think I will get the minced out of the freezer tonight or tomorrow morning and do a chilli with Rice for the weekend.

Once the washing and ironing are fully up to date, I am going to work on my garage fridge freezer as I would like to clean them out so that I can get two weeks worth of snack cooked and in the freezer for when we go back to school.  And have lots of space ready for drinks in the outdoor fridge for when it starts to get warm.

Well personally, I haven't done any walking or exercise since I was last here and other than taking the children for a bike ride probably wont do very much until we are back at school.

I am off to have a nice warm bath, put on a warming face pack and read my book for a bit so have a lovely evening and take care xx


  1. I had been wondering where you had gone off to, Tara, thinking you were probably very busy with your job and your brood. I'm sorry to hear you've been depressed... I was too, last week. Are you feeling better now?

    Poor little guy, I'm glad his lump turned out to be treatable with antibiotics. That must have been scary for the both of you!

    5 days or ironing sounds like hell to me, lol. Did you at least get to watch some movies or something fun while you were working through your pile? I always iron in front of the TV, it makes the time go by faster.

    Take care, I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi sweetie, I hope you are feeling better now too. I feel a bit better. I think I'm partially bored. I'm fed up with never doing anything. I'm also started to get worried that I wont be in a position to visit my eldest son very often when he joins you guys and I know I'm going to really miss him. (selfish I know)

      I can honestly say Nathalie that I have never been so scared or worried about anything before. He isn't my youngest but he is the one I worry about and probably baby a bit. I'm so relieved now.

      Ha ha its the only way to cope with ironing, I have started to re watch Prison break. I have another big pile to iron tomorrow and now I only have bedding to wash and don't iron that. Hurray!

      I hope you have a nice weekend, and if you ever want to chat privately email me. We can either cheer each other up or depress each other further ha ha xx