Wednesday, 9 March 2016


Good Evening.

I hope this post isn't too dull, I am writing it whilst being in bed. I struggled to sleep last night and woke up early so I thought an early night was in order.

I went into work this morning and our usual supply teacher told me that tomorrow will be her last day with us. She then told me she will be immigrating next Wednesday to Australia. She proceeded to tell me she was fed up with the weather, the pressures put on her husband by his work and generally never being able to do things.

I can completely understand where she is coming from and I have spent quite a lot of the day thinking about how brave she is and why I continue to follow a path that I haven't been happy following for many years.

I know that I would never move away from my eldest son but the time will come when he will most likely move away. Would I move then, somewhere that the houses are cheaper, the scenery better? Probably not, because I would never leave my dad whilst he is ill and I would not leave my mum if she didn't have my dad.
There are also other people that I care about that I would like to be there for, should they ever need me.

 So I guess I am destined to live where I am and continue trying to survive in a very expensive part of England.
And try to make sure that I can always visit my amazingly brave children, who seem to have the will to do something that I cant do.

I walked five miles today

Have a great evening and take care xx 


  1. I had already heard that it was very hard to emigrate to Australia because getting work permits there is extremely hard. I wonder if it's easier for British citizens since you're all part of the Commonwealth?

    I have also been thinking about where we will end up once our youngest lives the nest. Truth be told, I like it here. Well, it's more that I don't like change and the thought of permanently moving somewhere else fills me with dread these days. However, I think I'd like to be a snowbird of sorts, being here during the seasons that I love best (Winter, Fall and Spring) but spending the summer somewhere where it's not so hot. I love Virginia but it's so expensive... My dream would be to be able to keep my dad's house in the Alps when it passes on to my brothers and me, but Greg would never set foot in France, much less spend extended periods of time there :(

    Where would be a more affordable area where you might want to live, Tara?

  2. Its not easy to emigrate to Australia from here either, there are so many rules and restrictions. I think they will accept certain jobs and that is how our supply teacher has got in because she is a teacher and her husband is a qualified engineer.

    In the UK apart from central London we live in the most expensive place. I think because we are so close to London. I know it sounds awful but crime has really increased in our area since so many migrants have been allowed in, that's not to say its linked to them but for whatever reason things are starting to change here. If it continues then it may be time to reconsider. I have always wanted my children to live in a safe area and go to safe schools so we will see. I think as long as we were able to earn similar salaries to now wherever we lived we would notice a considerable difference.

    Its a shame Greg wouldn't go to France why is that? Doesn't he like it? Xx