Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Good afternoon.

I hope you have had a nice day.

I have been quite busy, work is busy which isn't unusual what with the year six children finding out what senior schools they got into today. (If you have children in year six, I hope they are happy). Parents evenings coming up and this term being a very short one with a lot to fit into a very short time.

After work today I had lunch with a friend and colleague which made a really nice change and had a wander around our local supermarket.

This evening I quickly made tea and stuck to my menu by cooking spaghetti Bolognese.

I then dropped my daughter off to brownies, where she made me a lovely mothers day card with an Earl Grey tea bag inside. I didn't cheat by peaking, she insisted that I open it early as she has already bought me a card.

As my gorgeous boys were so organised this morning I managed to clean the kitchen, put some washing on and sweep the floors before I left and trust me this is not a normal occurrence so it was lovely to get home and not have to clean the kitchen before I cooked dinner.

I walked 5 miles today.

I spent 10.05 on milk, croissants, apple juice, bread and some cakes for the children's lunches.

I'm going to have another early night tonight because last night I went to bed at 8.45 and was asleep by 9.00 and didn't wake up until the alarm went off at 7am.

Whilst writing this is would just like to say Happy Anniversary to my wonderful Mum and Dad.

Have a great evening and take care xx


  1. When is Mother's Day in the UK? Here it's not until May so we're not ready to start thinking about it yet :)

    I'm glad your boys cleaned their room and didn't make Mean Mommy come out again, lol.

    Happy anniversary to your parents!

    Good luck with all the busy-ness at work, I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    1. Mothers day is tomorrow Nathalie, I don't like it being in March because it always falls close to my birthday and the kids feel pressured to buy double the presents.

      Whoa I was glad 'mean mummy' didn't come out again, I really don't like that woman! Ha ha

      Thank you, they had a lovely meal together. Bless them.


  2. You obviously needed all that extra sleep. Walking the five miles might have done it, or all the housework you managed before you even left this morning.

    1. Hi Susan, I hope everything is ok with you and your family xx I seriously did need all that sleep. I know a lovely lady who is in her eighties who walks, cleans her house better than I could ever dream of cleaning mine and never gets as tired as me. I really need to lose weight. Xx