Friday, 11 March 2016

Fun Friday

Good evening, I hope you have had a lovely day.

I haven't done things that make me happy recently, so here goes:-

  • The aunt deciding to come out when I had a rivers school trip
  • Getting back late from my school trip and seeing my two boys faces smiling at me as I walked through the door
  • Popping into my eldest sons work to buy some milk and seeing his lovely face
  • Receiving a card from my step Nan (bless her she is in her eighties and yet never forgets my birthday)
  • Spending the day outdoors enjoying the fresh air
I must admit I wasn't looking forward to todays school trip, I'm not into mud and it was very muddy at the place we visited. But it actually turned out to be a lovely day, very tiring as we were climbing up and down river banks and getting into rivers to do experiments but the children were very interested in everything they did and were told.

I honestly don't know how far I walked today as I forgot to wear my pedometer. But I'm pretty certain it was quite a distance.

Well I am off to watch backlist now, so it is just a quick one tonight and tomorrow is my birthday, 21 again...

Take car xx