Thursday, 3 March 2016

A busy old week

Good evening,

Sorry I wasn't about yesterday, as I said earlier in the week,  this week is very busy.

We had a lovely day at school today with it being World book day. We had a local author come into the school and do a book signing and talk to the children about being a writer.

We also have a challenge going on, to read 100 books by summer and my daughter has made  a start on this already by checking the list and choosing to read Treasure Island first and then proceeded to inform me that it was Barack Obama's favourite book as a child.

The boys are not quite so enthusiastic, what a surprise!

What was your favourite book when you was a child? Mine was anything written by Enid Blyton. I loved The Faraway tree, The wishing chair and the Famous Five books. Reading is till one of my favourite pass times.

Today I walked five miles and we had a very quick and easy dinner Hot dogs, we was meant to have gammon sandwiches tonight but we had gammon, new potatoes and salad last night instead.

Well that's it from me for tonight, I need to go and pick my thirteen year old up from cadets.

Have a lovely evening take care xx


  1. Seems to me that we already discussed this... could it be that we've been following each other for a year already? I think we might have... because I remember telling you that my favorite books growing up were Enid Blyton's Famous Five as well! In French they were called "Le Club des Cinq". Also anything by the Countess of Segur (Comtesse de Ségur) in French.

    Have a good rest of your week! I hope your daughter likes Treasure Island!

    1. We have had this conversation Nathalie, oh no, I repeat myself!

      I don't think I have been blogging a year yet, I think it was when I was talking about what books I was reading to the children. Xx