Saturday, 5 March 2016

Weekends here!

Hello friends,

Its been a couple of days since I have been here but that's because I have been a party animal and went out enjoying myself. No... I here you say. Yes I am shocked at this occurrence too.

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening chatting and laughing with some lovely people. Its not very often that I go out and when I do go out I tend not to stay out very long but last night I didn't rush home and I just relaxed and had fun.

So today, I had to get up fairly early because my thirteen year old is doing the Duke of Edinburgh award and had to go to a meeting to discuss what is expected of him over the next year. I dropped him off, came home and :-
  • Cleaned the outside of the kitchen cupboards
  • Dusted downstairs
  • Vacuumed downstairs
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Cleaned the toilet
  • Put the washing on
  • Made the beds
I then read a chapter of my book, I am currently reading Catch Me by Lisa Gardner, This book is a thriller and I have to say I am on chapter three and so far it has kept me on the edge of my chair and is very difficult to put down.

Later in the day I popped to our local supermarket to buy my mum a mothers day present. Tomorrow is mothers day in England.

Now I am going to relax and watch a film, enjoy your evening.

Take care xx


  1. Dear Tara, Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mother! I hope your children treat you :)

    I loved that book by Lisa Gardner (I had to cheat and checked my records, I read it back in 2012!). I liked most of the books I have read by her, overall. I like the character of DeeDee.

    I had to look up what the Duke of Edinburgh Awards were on Wikipedia... that sounds very impressive! I hope he enjoys it and gets a gold award!

    Have a restful Sunday... the kids should do the chores! You need to rest up... or go out with your friends again!

    1. Thank you Nathalie

      I have been very spoilt.

      I can't believe we read the same books, I love Dee dee too. I have read quite a few of Lisa Gardner's books. Do you keep a record of all the books you have read?

      The Duke of Edinburgh awards do seem very good, his first section is volunteering and he loves elderly people so I think he will try to do something like that. He also wants to start helping out in a homeless shelter so I think that would probably count too. I think future employers view it quite highly, so that's good.

      I have done no chores at all yet today haha xxx

  2. Happy Mother's Day, Tara. Like Nathalie, our Mother's Day in Canada is the same as the lovely Springtime. I hope you have a wonderful day in which you are treated royally.
    Isn't it nice to enjoy a party or gathering where you are not feeling the need to "get it over with" and get home. It happens so rarely. I'm glad you had one of those evenings.

    1. Thank you Susan, I wish our mothers day was in spring it was snowing when I was driving back from the shops today. I have been very lucky today and have been spoilt rotten.

      I'm not really a big one for going out so it was really nice to enjoy an evening. I don't know whether its a trait of getting older that makes me want to sit at home every night haha but it certainly did make a nice change xx